Permit Parking

The City has designated “Permit Parking Only” (formerly called “Resident Parking Only”) areas to preserve the on street parking for the residents who live there. These areas are located within 200 to 300 metres of pay parking zones in the City.

Information About Permits

  • All other City bylaws must be adhered to when using a permit, such as not parking on City property for 72 consecutive hours.
  • Permit holders and their guests must display a permit on their dash to avoid being ticketed.
  • Permit holders can park in designated Permit Parking Only areas within 2 blocks of their address, however, parking spaces are limited and the City does not guarantee that spaces will be available at any given point in time.
  • Permits are not valid in Pay Parking stalls.
  • Permits are only valid during the calendar year that is displayed on the permit.

Obtaining a Permit

  • Permits can be obtained at City Hall, Kent St. Activity Centre, Centennial Arena, and the White Rock Community Centre by residents who live in a Permit Parking Only area.
  • Proof of residency is required to obtain a permit, please bring your driver’s license and ICBC vehicle insurance showing your White Rock address within the Permit Parking Only area.

Special Event Permits

  • One-day special event permits are available for your guests upon request. The date for which they are valid will be written on the permit.