Question & Answer Period

Question and Answer (QA) period is held at Regular Council meetings and is an opportunity for the public to ask Council questions and receive answers (if available). QA is noted in the record and once the minutes are adopted, the questions and answers will be available on the table below. 

There may be instances where the City is unable to provide an answer at the meeting; however, the question will be forwarded to staff and the response will be updated in this table when available.

If there are any questions, please contact Corporate Administration at 604 541 2212 or 

Council and Committee Procedure Bylaw, 2018, No. 2232, Amendment No. 1 (Question and Answer Period), 2019, No. 2277

2019 Questions and Answers (Regular Council)

Date Question Answer/Response
2019-04-29 Will the City be able to address concerns regarding accessibility of the benches/steps at Memorial Park, noting that they are high and can be difficult to sit and navigate. It was suggested that a step be installed in between each current step so people can access any of the seating with more ease. Staff advised they will investigate the concerns. 
2019-04-29 When will backs be installed at the public benches along Johnston Road? The seating design for those benches did not include backs. 
2019-04-08 Reported that there is a new hydro-pole in the middle of the sidewalk at the corner of Finlay and Russell. The placement poses an access issue, and questioned how long it will take the City to correct / adjust the location. Also asked if there is an approval process when applications for the hydro poles come to the City.
Staff advised that they would investigate to see if the City has the ability to review (and monitor) the installation of Hydro poles, and will contact Hydro with respect to this particular scenario.

On April 29 it was suggested that all poles that are improperly installed/impacting sidewalk accessibility should be investigated.
Staff advised that BC Hydro places the poles. The Utility Act allows the installation of the poles without consultation with the City.
The hydro pole at the corner of Finlay and Russell, previously located in the sidewalk, was recently replaced. Unfortunately, the replacement pole is also in the sidewalk and the new support wire encroaches further into the sidewalk than the previous support wire.
The City has contacted Hydro, and the City awaits response regarding a solution to the issue.
2019-04-08 It was reported that a building application was submitted to the City, and at the time staff advised it wasn’t complete. When it was submitted, it was reported that there was a significant delay. Questioned why there was a hold-up on completing the process. Also expressed concerns regarding the fees associated with the process. Staff advised that incomplete applications are taken out of the queue pending receipt of the missing information. At that time, the application is placed in the regular queue, and is not returned to the “head of the line”. It was noted that the application process and the scheduling of services is not the same.
2019-03-11 Inquired how much the City of White Rock paid in legal fees in regard to the file pertaining to Section 463? This answer was not available at the meeting and would be noted through the City’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy process and placed on the FOI page once it is complete. 
2019-02-25 Inquired if there was information in regard to riparian rights and how he can learn more about it.    Staff will follow-up in regard to the inquiry. 
2019-02-11 Suggested that the needs parkland and greenspace, the road ends in the City have never been designated as park. Would urge Council to establish the road ends as park and open the opportunity for the community to landscape them, along with the City’s efforts. Inquired when the Council would make a decision be protect all of the road ends and not make them available for sale to any persons as they are City assets and should remain under the City. There has been a corporate report to Council requested already in regard to road ends, it is anticipated to come back March 11, 2019.

2019-02-11 In regard to the December 20, 2018 storm: Did the City have enough insurance on the harbor board managed west float to repair it and compensate the owners who lost their boats? The City does have the Pier Insurance at the appraised value of $7M. The City’s insurers are reviewing the documentation regarding the damage and repair work necessary and is also working with the White Rock Harbour Board insurance company to help resolve the issues. In regard to the west float and boats that were lost – the City is waiting final confirmation.   
2019-01-28 Commented that January 23, 2019 it was the highest tide of the month and it was half a meter higher than it was on December 20, 2018 (without any storm surges), does the City know what the geodetic height of the breakwater is now and how does it compare to what it was twenty (20) years ago?  Following the meeting staff confirmed that the City does not have this information.
2019-01-28 Noted concern with the new permit parking decal regulations / costs. She does not think it is fair she has to pay for a decal to park.   The City has recently announced the establishment of a Parking Task Force. The Parking Task Force’s work plan will include a review of the parking decal program.  
2019-01-28 As a result of the December 2018 storm the City will be re-doing the “riprap” on East Beach, would like staff to review the use a soft berm approach instead; and further requested Council to assess the Marina Concept with the question what is the expense to re-build vs. the revenue. The City in its' best effort to have the repairs completed as soon as possible will be again using the riprap approach; however, future considerations or works may include consideration of a soft berm approach.
2019-01-28 Commented their home was built in 1947 and has no driveway, with the new parking decal regulations it is unfair that there is now a $12 annual decal fee. The City has recently announced the establishment of a Parking Task Force. The Parking Task Force’s work plan will include a review of the parking decal program.
2019-01-28 It would be helpful for the public if the City were to live stream the meetings.  The City offers live streaming of all Council and Standing Committee meetings held in the Council Chamber at City Hall on its website.