Parks & Trails

The City of White Rock features over 80 acres of park land. Visitors and residents alike can participate in the wide variety of leisure opportunities in our parks. Enjoy the majestic views from our hillside walkways, a game of soccer at Centennial Park, a quiet family barbeque at Bayview Park or an evening stroll along the stunning promenade.

Parks Maintenance - Level of Service

  • Removal of trash from Parks and the waterfront
  • Removal of debris from the beach
  • Tree, shrub and turf maintenance
  • Service and maintenance of irrigation systems and drinking fountains
  • Upkeep of playground areas, dedicated benches and picnic facilities
  • Trimming of roadsides, lanes, boulevards and pedestrian walkways
  • Maintenance of sports fields and other recreational facilities
  • Support staff for special events such as the Tour de White Rock

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The City of White Rock is developing a new Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Plan will include a review of all the City’s parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services and provide direction for future facility improvements and upgrades as well as new facilities, programs, parks, and trails.

Off Leash Dog Area

Located in Ruth Johnson Park (adjacent to Centennial Park - 14600 North Bluff Road).

Centennial Park Running Oval Information

Located at 14600 North Bluff Road.

Distance in Feet
Distance in Miles
Distance in Kilometres
Inside oval (one end to the other-grass area)
390 feet
0.073 miles
0.119 kilometres
Running oval (1 lap)
1,095 feet
0.20 miles0.33 kilometres
Width of oval (one end to the other-grass area)
235 feet
0.045 miles
0.072 kilometres