Council Strategic Priorities

The strategic plan is Council's leadership document for the City of White Rock. It sets out Council's specific goals that guide the planning activities within the organization.

The City of White Rock Council Strategic Priorities Chart is a working document. View past corporate priority documents.

City of White Rock Council Strategic Priorities


  • Johnston Road Gateway Streetscape Revitalization 
  • Memorial Park
  • Official Community Plan 
  • Rail Relocation
  • Water Quality
  • Waterfront Parking Plan
  • Waterfront Plan - East Beach
  • Zoning Bylaw


  • Ice Time
  • Marina Expansion 
  • Pier Restaurant
  • People Movement


  • BNSF Property Lease Terms (Memorial Park / Promenade Extension / Waterfront Plan
  • Provincial and Federal Governments (Water Quality / Memorial Park / Waterfront Plan / Rail Relocation)