Total Water Quality Management Project

As White Rock water crews and contractors work on projects throughout the City, we hope to minimize any disruption to the water services. Please continue checking this page to see any current and upcoming water related projects.

Total Water Quality Management Project


The Total Water Quality Management Project (TWQMP) is necessary to treat the water supply and upgrade critical infrastructure in the White Rock water system so that customers consistently and reliably receive high quality drinking water that meets both the Fraser Health's water quality requirements and Health Canada's guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

The scope of the TWQMP entails water system upgrades including:

  • disinfection
  • infrastructure renewal
  • storage capacity upgrades, and
  • a modest level of system expansion for future growth

Disinfection of Distribution System

In October 2016, the City began its phased approach to adding secondary disinfection to the City's water, as mandated and closely monitored by the Fraser Health Authority.

To ensure the City implements the right technology to reach its water quality goals, it has partnered with RES'EAU-WaterNET. For more information on this project please the City's Water Research page.

Infrastructure Renewal

Summaries of Reservoir Upgrades

Oxford Street Site Upgrade (PDF) | January 2015 to February 2016

  • Allows the City to comply with the Fraser Health mandate to treat the City's water supply through secondary disinfection
  • City also added remote monitoring and control of the water system to this site 
  • Increases City's water capacity by an additional 1.88 million litres
  • Previously did not exist
Oxford Site Rendering

Merklin Street Site Upgrade

The City of White Rock has completed the construction of the new Merklin Reservoir (PDF) and pumping station. The construction of the Merklin Reservoir provides additional water storage of 1.40 million litres, and, coupled with the completion of the Oxford Reservoir, this reservoir brings the total water storage capacity for the City of White Rock to 6.05 ML. In only 18 months of owning the water utility, the City has increased water storage capacity by 33%. The increased capacity and the seismic upgrades completed at this site provide more sustainability to our water infrastructure.

Storage Capacity Upgrades

Merklin Rendering

Increased City's Water Storage Capacity by 33%

When the City acquired the water utility in October of 2015, the total available water storage was 4.50 million litres. Since that time, the City has completed the construction of a reservoir that did not previously exist. This reservoir is located at the Oxford Site and has a water storage capacity of 1.88 million litres. In April of 2017, the City completed the construction its second reservoir, the Merklin Site. This means the City's total available storage is now at 6.05 million litres and is sufficient for a population of 26,650 people. According to the 2016 census, White Rock's current population is of 19,952 people.