Property Taxes

Each year the British Columbia Assessment Authority updates the assessed values of properties within the province.  These assessments along with the City's tax rates are the basis for calculating your property taxes each year.  In addition to collecting taxes for municipal purposes, the City is also required to collect and remit taxes on behalf of other governments (such as school taxes on behalf of the Province of B.C.).

Assessment notices were mailed to White Rock homeowners in January.  If you have not received your assessment notice, or wish to discuss your assessment value, please contact the BC Assessment Authority at (604) 576-4700, or email them at  You can also visit their website at

The 2015 Property Tax Notices will be mailed at the end of May.  2015 Property Taxes and Home Owner Grant Applications are due on July 2, 2015.  Home Owner Grants can be claimed online but only from the date the tax notices are mailed until December 31 of the current year (by selecting "Online Services" on the menu to the left).

The City of White Rock 2014 Property Tax & Utility Rates [PDF - 32 KB]
Please call (604) 541-2107 for further information on the calculation of your property taxes.