Home Security

Home Security Check Program:

Trained volunteers will access the residence, multi-housing complex or business from the street, around the buildings and inside. Doors, windows, landscaping, lighting etc will be reviewed for security.

The homeowner will be requested to maintain an inventory list of engraved items to provide to the police in the event that they are stolen. A list of suggested improvements will be left with the owener. When the owner has complied with the security updates the premises will be rechecked and a home security decal will be left for display on the front of the house.

A security check and decal is not a gurantee that the homeowner will not experience a theft but it is one more deterrent against it.

Download the Home Security Check List

Download the Home Security Check Info [PDF - 279 KB]

Download the HouseHold Inventory List [PDF - 98 KB]

For more information please contact The Community Policing Office @ 778-593-3611