Garbage & Recycling

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Residential Garbage, Recycling and Green Can Collection Schedule

For the easiest, most effective way to remember your residential collection day by print, computer, mobile app or even telephone, sign up for the ReCollect collection reminder using the below application. 2015 residential calendar collection information is now available on the ReCollect application.

May 18 Victoria Day Holiday Collection Schedule Changes

City Facilities will be closed on Monday May 18, 2015.

  • Regularly scheduled Monday May 18 collections will be picked up the day after on Tuesday May 19
  • Collections for the rest of the week will not be affected.

White Rock Collection Programs

In order to divert waste from the landfill, garbage collection for single family dwellings moved to alternate week collection in 2012. Residential garbage is collected every second week to help the City meet our 70 per cent waste diversion objective. Residential recycling and green can collection is weekly.

The City of White Rock hopes to further reduce waste and will continue to look for ways to meet the 70% waste diversion rate. 

Green Can Program Guidelines

Recycling Program Guidelines

2015 residential calendar collection schedule can be printed from the ReCollect application.

Questions or Report a Collection Problem

To report a waste collection problem, please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at (604) 541-2181 between the business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please note: calls made outside of normal business hours are forwarded to the Fire Department.

The City has established Bylaw 1515 - Garbage and Recycling Collection and Disposal Consolidated to guide garbage and disposal practices and management.

There is no public garbage, green waste, or recycling drop-off location available in White Rock.  Residents and businesses can bring their surplus garbage or green waste for a fee to one of the following closest depots:

  • Surrey Transfer Station 9770-192 Street, Surrey                                        
    (604) 521-1715
  • Delta Transfer Station (Vancouver Landfill) 5400-72nd Street, Delta
    (604) 873-7000
  • Aldergrove Transfer Station 1070-272nd Street, Aldergrove
    (604) 856-3225

Effective September 15, 2014 the City of White Rock will no longer be providing cardboard recycling drop-off depots. Cardboard is now collected curbside. All cardboard must be flattened, folded or cut to fit into the recycling bag (residential) or roll-out tote (multi-family) so that it fits into our vehicles. Residents and businesses can bring their surplus cardboard for recycling to:

Contact the depots directly for disposal rates, hours and acceptable items. For more information on disposal facilities, check out Metro Vancouver's website.

If you are unsure of how to dispose of or recycle unwanted items such as old furniture, electronic devices, clothing and other household items contact:

  • BC Recycling Hotline (604) 732-9253 or visit them online and they can offer several ideas for proper disposal.
  • Metro Vancouver Recycles Information Centre (604) 432-6200 or visit them online Metro Vancouver online.    

  • Some items can be dropped off at recycling depots while others are collected by local businesses involved in a product stewardship program called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). View their website for more information on products that can be recycled
  • Engineering and Municipal Operations Department (604) 541-2181.