Multi-Family & Commercial

The City of White Rock provides weekly garbage and recycling collection service to multi-family and commercial complexes.

Starting 1 July, the City will be collecting more recycling material curbside. 

The City of White Rock is participating in MMBC's packaging and printed paper recycling program. MMBC is a non-profit stewardship organization working on behalf of businesses in BC for residential recycling programs.

Remembrance Day - Tuesday November 11

City Facilities will be closed on Tuesday November 11 for Remembrance Day. 

  • Regularly scheduled Tuesday November 11 collections will be picked up Wednesday November 12. Collections for the rest of the week will not be affected. 

Collection Schedule

In the event of inclement weather, please visit the City of White Rock website or call the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department (604) 541-2181 for updated collection information as crews may be re-deployed to expedite snow removal.

Collection Information

  • Please have your garbage and recycling ready for collection by 8:00 a.m. on your collection day. Owners must place containers for collection at curbside as required by City Bylaw. Contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department for further information at 604-541-2181.
  • Collection times may vary week to week. On your regularly scheduled pick up day, please leave materials curbside until collected.
  • During statutory holiday weeks your collection day may change. Please double-check the collection schedule.
  • Multi-Family and Commercial properties are required to have garbage containers and recycling containers that are compatible with City of White Rock collection vehicles. Information on container specs is available by contacting the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604-541-2181.

What is Banned From Garbage?

  • Electronic and electrical products (including battery operated devices) toasters, radios, televisions, stereos, etc.
  • Computers or computer related items such as printers and copiers
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Construction waste such as drywall, sinks, carpet, tiles, 2 x 4's, insulation
  • Automotive items such as car batteries, oil & filters, tires
  • Medications/pharmaceuticals
  • Paint, solvents, flammable liquids, gasoline and pesticides
  • Barbeques, lawn mowers
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture and bulky items
  • Propane tanks
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Metal household or commercial appliances
  • Refuse that would cause undue risk of injury or occupational disease to City staff or contravene the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

For options on the recycling or safe disposal of these items, please contact the Recycling Council of BC (604) 732-9253) or visit them online.

For more information on this and other waste reduction initiatives, visit Metro Vancouver online or call the Metro Vancouver Information Centre at (604) 432-6200.

Multi-Family/Commercial Recycling Information

The City of White Rock separates recyclables into three categories:
    • Paper
    • Glass
    • Containers 

Please sort all recyclables into their appropriate recycling roll out bins: Paper, Container and Glass. Sorting increases efficiency and is an effective method in reducing the cost of the City's recycling program. The City of White Rock does not participate in commingled recycling program. 

Below is a list of acceptable items for each of the three kinds of recycling choices.

What to include in your PAPER recycling:

  • Newspapers, inserts, flyers, catalogues, magazines, telephone books
  • Household paper, paper gift wrap, greeting cards, office paper, printer paper
  • Boxboard-flattened (boxes for cereal, shoes, tissues, frozen pizza or entrees)
  • Moulded boxboard (for eggs, beverage carry out trays)
  • Paper box with single or mulitple layers (for sugar, flour, pet food bags)
  • Paper cups for  hot and cold beverages
  • Gable top cartons, aseptic boxes/cartons (for milk and milt-type beverages, cream, soup, broth, sauces). Remove plastic caps and place loose in recycling roll out.
  • Frozen dessert boxes (for ice cream, yogurt)
  • Corrugated cardboard - must be flattened and/or cut to fit in recycling roll out

What NOT to include in your PAPER recycling:

  • Delivery type pizza boxes (the greasy food residue makes them acceptable to be included with your Green can)
  • Hardcover or paperback books
  • Paper towel, napkins or tissue
  • Boxes with wax coatings (empty shipping boxes made available for residents to transport their groceries home)
  • Non-paper gift wrap (foil, ribbons or bows)
  • Foil lined bags for cookies or pet foods
  • Padded envelopes
  • Rubber bands

What to include in your CONTAINER recycling (please empty, flatten and rinse):

  • Plastic bottles, tubs, jugs and jars with caps and lids
  • Steel and aluminum cans and lids (put metal lids inside cans and squeeze tightly)
  • Aerosol cans (for food, air fresheners, shaving cream, hairspray)
  • Plastic clamshells and trays (for baked goods, fruit, produce, prepared foods)
  • Aluminum foil and foil take out containers (such as baking containers, pie plates, food trays)
  • Microwavable bowls and cups (no bowls with metal rims)
  • Plastic cold drink cups and lids
  • Plastic garden plant pots and seedling trays
  • Plastic pails less than 25L (for laundry detergent, ice cream, pet food)
  • Spiral wound cans and lids (for frozen juice concentrate, coffee, nuts, baby formula, potato chips)

What NOT to include in your CONTAINER recycling:

  • Glass, plastic bags, plastic wrap or foam containers
  • Foil ined cardboard take out container lids
  • Chip or foil bags, foil wrap with paper (for butter or stand up pouches)
  • Propane tanks, bottles or cylinders
  • Containers for motor oil, vehicle lubricants or antifreeze products
  • Coat hangers, pots, pans or baking trays
  • Packaging that contained hazardous products
  • Appliances, hardware, scrap metal, wiring, metal cords or extension cords
  • No foam trays or liquid absorbing pads
  • Metal or plastic toys
  • Plastic blister packs (protective coating for chewing gum, pills)
  • Packaging labelled as biodegradable or compostable
  • Ceramic pots, lawn edging, tarps, plastic furniture, garden hoses, plastic string or rope
  • Spray paint cans aerosol containers with any contents remaining
  • Beverage containers where a deposit has been paid should be returned for a refund. 

What to include in your GLASS recycling

  • Clear and coloured non-deposit glass bottles and jars. Empty and rinse.

What NOT to include in your GLASS recycling

  • Drinking glasses
  • Dishes
  • Cookware
  • Whole or broken window glass or mirrors
  • Ceramic products
  • Take deposit containers to depot for deposit refund

What To Do With Corrugated Cardboard?

  • The City of White Rock now collects curbside flattened corrugated cardboard in the blue recycling roll out totes along with your mixed paper and newspaper. Because cardboard is now collected curbside, the City of White Rock removed the cardboard drop off depots located at the Operations Department, Kent Street Activity Centre and Malabar Park. Please remember that cardboard must be folded and/or cut to fit within your blue recycling roll out tote. 

What To Do With Excess Cardboard, Plastic Bags, Overwrap and Foam Packaging?

  • These items can now be recycled at MMBC Depots. For the closest depot, please contact the BC Recycling Hotline at 604-732-9253 or visit their website

What Needs to be Done on Collection Day?

  • Ensure that your recycling is curbside by 8:00 AM on your scheduled day(s)
  • Do not place the totes behind parked vehicles or any other obstructions that will make it difficult for the drivers to recognize your pick up
  • Be aware of upcoming statutory holidays and check the 2014 Holiday Collection Schedule on-line or the “What's New” section of the City website or the City page in the local newspapers for the latest updates

How do we Obtain Recycling Roll Out Totes?

Multi-family/commercial recycling roll out totes can be ordered at a cost of $148.00 each (includes applicable taxes) by contacting the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at (604) 541-2181 between the hours of 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday to Friday.

Pre-payment is required for the delivery of new roll outs.

  • Over the telephone using a MasterCard or Visa
  • In person with cash, cheque, MasterCard or Visa at 877 Keil Street, White Rock, BC V4B 4V6
  • Via the mail with a cheque made out to the City of White Rock mailing address 877 Keil Street, White Rock, BC V4B 4V6

For more information contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at (604) 541-2181 between the hours of
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. Please note calls after these hours are forwarded to the Fire Department.

Recycling Irregular Items

From paint to electronics, solvents to appliances, your answer to the closest depot can be found here:

 There is no public garbage, green waste or recycling drop-off location available in White Rock.

Residents and businesses can bring their surplus garbage or green waste for a fee to one of the following closest depots:

  • Surrey Transfer Station 9770-192 Street, Surrey (604) 521-1715
  • Delta Transfer Station (Vancouver Landfill) 5400-72nd Street, Delta (604) 873-7000
  • Aldergrove Transfer Station 1070-272nd Street, Aldergrove (604) 856-3225
  • For more information on disposal facilities, check out Metro Vancouver's website. Contact the depots directly for disposal rates and hours.