Green Can Program




White Rock is now even greener thanks to the Green Can Program!

Single family detached homes that receive yard trimming collection can now recycle food along with their yard trimmings in labeled Green Cans. Green Cans and Blue Box recycling are collected every week.

Getting started:

It's easy to have a Green Can!

  1. Make any 110 liters garbage can (or less) a Green Can! Simply attach the Green Can sticker on the outside of your current yard trimming can. You can line the can with a paper bag to help keep it clean. Bag to Earth Food Bags are recommended and are available for purchase at all City facilities.
  2. Collect all your food scraps and food-soiled paper in a lidded container or in a small lined Kraft bag in your kitchen. You can reuse an ice cream bucket or other lidded container.
  3. Empty your kitchen food scraps container, or toss the small lined Kraft bag, into your Green Can, along with any yard trimmings you might have. Please note that plastic bags, including compostable or biodegradable plastic bags are not accepted.
  4. Place your Green Can at the curb, with the sticker facing out, along with any extra yard trimmings in labeled cans or paper Kraft-type bags on your designated collection day.

What can I collect?

The Green Can program is an expansion on the current yard trimmings program already in place.

You can now include:

  • Any kind of cooked or uncooked food scraps, including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, bones, eggshells, dairy, vegetables, fruit, bread, pasta, and grains. Include all leftovers and plate scraping.
  • Coffee grounds in their used paper filters, tea leaves and tea bags.
  • Food-soiled paper towels, napkins, tissues, paper plates and pizza delivery boxes.
  • Yard trimmings, such as plants, flowers, grass cuttings, leaves and branches.
  • Please note that clean paper products are to still be recycled in your yellow recycling bag.

Why should we keep food out of our landfill?

A recent study by Metro Vancouver found that 40% of residential waste in our garbage is food!

Food decomposing in a landfill hurts our environment. As it decomposes without access to oxygen, food releases methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that is 20 times more powerful at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide!

Fortunately, we have the ability to compost food and yard trimming, saving our planet from the unnecessary creation of additional greenhouse gases.

By choosing to compost we are also creating a valuable resource, nutrient rich topsoil useful for landscaping, and growing food in gardens.

Through the new Green Can program, White Rock residents will make a positive difference for our environment, as we join several other Lower Mainland communities in composting our food and yard trimmings.

Yard trimmings:

If you live in a single family home/duplex, White Rock offers curb side pickup of your Green Can (yard waste/food scraps). Multi-family buildings need to contact the Engineering & Operations Dept. at (604) 541-2181 to make arrangements to have yard waste picked up the following Monday. There is no additional charge for this service.

You have the option of putting your yard waste in Kraft bags or in containers clearly labeled with City-provided Green Can decals. You can pick up a Green Can decal at most City facilities.

Please note: containers must not be larger than 110 litres (4 cubic feet) and should not weigh more than 45 lbs. when full. There is a limit of 10 bags and/or bundles. Yard waste in plastic bags will NOT be collected. Yard waste is also accepted at any landfill.

Yard waste includes: plant material, leaves, grass clippings, flowers and tree or hedge pruning. Trees and branches will also be collected provided they are tied in bundles and don't exceed three feet in length. Individual branches must not exceed three inches in diameter. Rocks, dirt, stumps, sod and animal feces will not be accepted.