City Water Projects

As White Rock water crews and contractors work on projects throughout the City, we hope to minimize any disruption to the water services. Please continue checking this page to see any current and upcoming water related projects.

Total Water Quality Management Project

1. Disinfection of distribution system

In October 2016, the City began its phased approach to adding secondary disinfection to the City's water, as mandated and closely monitored by the Fraser Health Authority.

To ensure the City implements the right technology to reach its water quality goals, it has partnered with RES'EAU-WaterNET. For more information on this project please the City's Water Research page.


2. Increase storage capacity at Oxford and Merklin sites

Oxford Street Site Upgrade

January 2015 - February 2016

The Oxford Street project upgraded facilities and added a reservoir. The upgrade allows the City to comply with the Fraser Health mandate to treat the City's water supply through secondary disinfection. The City also added remote monitoring and control of the water system.

View an enlarged version of the rendering by clicking on the image. 
Oxford Elevations [PDF - 186 KB]

Merklin Street Site Upgrade

The City of White Rock will upgrade and seismically update the Merklin Street reservoir and add a pump station facility. This project started in January 2016 and is estimated to be completed in 2017. The City has removed the high tower.

View an enlarged version of the rendering by clicking on the image. 
Merklin Elevations [PDF - 449 KB] 

3. Additional supply to meet future demand in 2031

4. Arsenic and Manganese Treatment

The City is in the process of treatment processes to address the naturally occuring arsenic and manganese. The arsenic levels are close to the maximum acceptable limits of the Guideline for Canadian Drinking Water Quality (GCDWQ).  Fraser Health requires treatment, if above the maximum acceptable limits,  by December 31, 2018. Manganese treatment needs to be considered if GCDWQ establishes a limit for health effects. There is only an aesthetic limit. 

5. Water Main Flushing Program

The City of White Rock’s annual Water Main Flushing Program aims at maintaining the City's water system.

Flushing is a method of cleaning the water main pipes by forcing water through them at high speed and discharging it through hydrants, which are left open until the water runs clear. This fast-moving water flow scours and cleans out mineral deposits and sediment that have built up over time and settled at the bottom of the pipes.

The City wide annual flushing program typically occurs during the months of November and December. Additionial water main flushing may be scheduled at other times of the year. For more information visit the City's webpage for the Water System - Water Main Flushing Program.

Missed a Community Forum or Open House on the City's Water Quality Plans? 

The City of White Rock has held various events where staff have informed and engaged the public around the City's aquisition on the water utility and water quality. 

If you missed those events, please browse through the City boards or Powerpoint under Past Event Materials. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information too.