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Utility Auto Debit Payment Plan Agreement


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Auto Debit Plan Agreement Form
  • Step One

    1. How It Works:

      Signing up for auto‐debit authorizes the City of White Rock to automatically withdraw from your Canadian chequing account the balance owing on your Utility bill on the bill due date.

    2. How to Apply:

      • Complete and sign the agreement on the reverse side of this form. Attach a blank cheque marked “VOID” or direct withdrawal request (DWR) form, and send both to:
      City of White Rock, Financial Services Department
      15322 Buena Vista Avenue
      White Rock, BC V4B 1Y6
      Fax: 604‐541‐2118
      Scan and email to the Finance Department
      • A separate agreement form is required for each utility account being set up on the Auto Debit Plan, but only one void, blank cheque or DWR form per bank account being debited is required.

    3. Benefits:

      • Save time and money – no more cheques, stamps, or last‐minute rushes to pay
      • No late fees

    4. This form will be accepted for the next billing period. Please make a payment for any current charges. If the “amount to be withdrawn” does not appear on your next bill, your plan has not yet been activated and you will need to pay the balance yourself.

    5. Common Questions & Answers

      What are the eligibility requirements? The bank account used must be a chequing account with a financial institution in Canada.

      Will I still receive my bill? You will still receive your utility bills as usual. The bill will indicate your account is on the Auto Debit Plan.

      What amount will be the withdrawal amount? The withdrawal amount is dependent on your utility bill. We will withdraw the outstanding balance as indicated on your utility bill unless your bill shows a credit balance.

      On what date will the payment be withdrawn from my bank account? The payment will be withdrawn from your bank account on the utility bill due date.

      What if I don’t have enough money in my bank account on the withdrawal date?

      • Payments not honoured by your financial institution are subject to a service charge, and late penalty set by the City.
      • The City may cancel your Auto Debit Plan if two consecutive Auto Debit payments are not honoured by your financial institution.

      Are there any administration fees associated with this payment option? With the exception of a service charge per dishonoured payment, the City does not charge for the use of this service.

      How and when should I notify the City of changes to my account? Written notification to the Financial Services department is required 10 days prior to a payment date for the following:
      • To cancel the Auto Debit Plan
      • To change financial institutional information (bank, branch, account) on file
      • When selling your property

    6. Terms & Conditions

      • New applicants must submit an agreement form 10 days prior to next billing date. The Auto Debit Plan automatically continues until the City is advised to cancel or alter information.
      • The property owner’s pre‐authorized debit shall be drawn and presented to their bank on each utility billing due date for the property shown on the form below, to cover payment due on the property owner’s utility account on such due date. The bank account used must be a chequing account with a financial institution in Canada
      • The applicant(s) may cancel the Auto Debit Plan by giving the City 10 days prior written notice. Cancellation forms may be obtained from the Financial Services Department, or may be downloaded from the City’s website. For more information on the right to cancel a Pre‐Authorized Debit Agreement, contact your financial institution or visit CDN Pay
      • The applicant(s) must give the City written notice of any change in financial institution or account information at least 10 days before the next payment due date. Forms may be obtained from the Financial Services Department, or may be downloaded from the City’s website.
      • The applicant(s) will notify the City to cancel the Auto Debit plan on a sale or transfer of the property. Auto Debit payments are not refundable. If a property is sold, any credit should be accounted for in the Vendor’s Statement of Adjustments.
      • If your payment Auto Debit Plan is cancelled or your financial institution does not honour your payment, any balance due thereafter shall be payable directly to the City of White Rock.
      • The City will impose and collect a service charge and late penalty on any dishonoured payments. The City may cancel the applicant(s)’s use of Auto Debit if the applicant(s)’s financial institution refuses to honour two consecutive payments.
      • The Payor(s) have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this Pre‐Authorized Debit Agreement. For example, the Payor(s) have the right to receive reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this Pre‐Authorized Debit Agreement. To obtain more information on recourse rights, contact your financial institution or visit CDN Pay