Roads & Transportation

The City's Public Works department manages road repair and maintenance issues, including pothole repair, road marking, street cleaning, sidewalk maintenance, and traffic signs.

Have you come across a non-emergency issue on the roads or sidewalks that needs attention? Fill out a Request for Service form.

Road Repair & Maintenance:

Road Rehabilitation is required when the road structure can no longer support vehicle traffic.

Road Reconstruction involves

  • The addition of curb and gutter to direct surface drainage to catch basins
  • The insertion of improved structures
  • The removal of the existing pavement
  • The removal of the road materials below the pavement surface
  • Sidewalks may be added depending on the classification of the street and pedestrian demand

City Plan

  • The City has 40 kilometres of roads to reconstruct
  • The City's road reconstruction plan is to complete approximately 0.5 kilometres per year

City Street Plan

The City Street Plan (JPG) designates each street for a specific role for the movement of vehicular traffic. This designation has been developed based upon the principles of moving people safely and conveniently in the City and in recognition of the varying amounts of traffic which different land uses generate.The City Street Plan road hierarchy is specifically intended, as much as possible, to reduce the amount of non-local traffic using residential streets.

Four different designations of roads are contained within the City Street Plan: 

  • Arterial
  • Collector
  • Lanes Link to City Street Plan
  • Local Residential
  • Special Designation

Truck Routes

Guidelines for maximum weight and size of vehicles found in Street & Traffic By-Law No. 1529 (PDF).

View Obstruction

View obstructions at intersections can be caused by overgrown trees or bushes on a corner property which restrict drivers' sight lines, making entry onto or across an intersecting street difficult or dangerous. The City will review the location and, if need be, notify the owner of the property to bring it into compliance with the Zoning By-Law. Failure to do so results in City crews being dispatched to undertake the work with costs assessed to the property owner.

Public Transit

The City of White Rock is serviced by a public transit system, Translink that provides nine inter City routes and a regional route to downtown Vancouver and Langley. View the Translink trip planner.