Erika Johanson

Johanson, Erika

White Rock Community Matters is the perfect descriptor to express my priorities as Mayor. It denotes careful planning and understanding the long-term ramifications of City Council’s decisions for our community.

While much has been accomplished in the past four years, there is much to be done. We need strong stewardship to ensure we stay the course of a people-first mandate.

As city stewards, we must incorporate research and long-term consequences into city planning. Council oversight is integral to ensuring the long-term view is not sacrificed to expediency. 

Residents want their taxes to support city services in an efficient, cost-effective manner, and expect their elected City Council to govern expenditures. To deliver this expectation to our residents, City Council must receive timely and complete fiscal information from city staff. To effectively manage our city, City Council and city staff must work cooperatively and openly. As mayor, I hope to forge a path for cooperative and transparent functioning at City Hall. 

As mayor, I would initiate an in-depth review of the core services of City Hall departments with the purposes of streamlining processes and eliminating redundancies to better serve our residents and to enhance the city staff work environment.

Businesses are essential to our community. To improve the business experience in White Rock, I support the Economic Development Strategic Plan and the Waterfront Enhancement Strategy.

As mayor, I hope to encourage an accessible process of input from residents and businesses, so that all may have a voice.

Integrity. Transparency. Quality of life.

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