Stephen Crozier

Stephen Crozier 6x4

Candidate for Councillor

I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to run as a councillor candidate for White Rock with Mayor Darryl Walker.

My wife, Annabelle MacDonald, and I moved to White Rock from False Creek in the fall of 2015, not happy with the development in Vancouver and attracted to the sense of community in White Rock. While walking around the city, people made eye contact and said “hi”. This confirmed that White Rock was the place for us. There is something precious worth preserving in our City by the Sea – a vibrant, friendly, inclusive community.

Last year, I retired from a 30-year teaching career and stepped down from my position as president of the New Westminster and District Labour Council. Additionally, I’m a former member of the Environmental Advisory Committee and the Economic Development Advisory Committee (2019-2020) and presently sit on the Housing Advisory Committee. As well, I was a member of the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force. I’m also a director of the White Rock Social Justice Film Society.

The axiom made popular in the late 70s and early 80s by futurists was “Think globally; act locally”, but what we have done is act globally without thinking locally. It is time to think and act locally. This is where we live and where we can have the most effect.

I am ready to work full time for you as a councillor. Let’s come together to make White Rock a community which we continue to be pleased and proud to call home. 

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