Garry Wolgemuth

Garry Wolgemuth

Candidate for Councillor

Graduate of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Business Administration.
Dual Journeyman Trade Certifications.

Forty years experience in Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.

Thirty years experience as a volunteer in various capacities with multiple organizations.

I will protect the single family zones from the incursion of mid-rises. No highrises outside the town center. Promote reasonable development that fits within our current OCP .Encourage more developers to include an affordable housing or affordable rental component with their applications.

Back to the basics – using all available Federal and Provincial grants for updating water mains, roads and sidewalks thus lowering the tax burden on all residential and commercial property owners. Start Affordable Housing projects for lower and middle income families ,seniors and at risk people by applying for all available grants and funds from  Federal and Provincial governments. Implement the CMHC's definition of Affordable Housing qualification which is 30% of income rather than White Rock's current watered down version which is just below market rent or purchase amounts.

Work to reduce administrative and operating costs at City Hall by running a leaner system  thus striving for a 0% tax increase. Make sure developers pay their development cost charges so that the rest of the taxpayers are not burdened with those costs. Implement property tax incentives for those businesses. Transparency, public consultation, integrity, honesty and hard work will be my mottos.

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