Teya Meilan

Teya MeiLan

Candidate for Councillor

Success for White Rock!

What does success look like to you? 

For me, success involves input to local representatives and to have your say!

I'm interested in building a greater sense of community for us to live in comfort and ease in all our neighbourhoods – East, West, North and South.

I am willing to LISTEN to your concerns, think through issues thoughtfully and to make the best, level-headed decisions, choices going forward. 

With extensive experience in public service and having had institutional governance responsibilities previously, at the Treasury of Canada, over-seeing billions of dollars in expenditures – I developed a fine sense of value for money and the financial load that we’ve all been carrying as taxpayers. 

A high point of my duties included guiding the drafting of new law with the Justice department 'en français,' where my scientific knowledge and policy tools were brought to bear on the work at hand.

White Rock stands as a unique Gem for Canada!

Allow me to be a voice and conduit for your concerns!

Elect Teya MeiLan to City Council. Success for White Rock!

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