Ernie Klassen

Ernie Klassen

Candidate for Councillor

I, Ernie Klassen, am wishing to be a city Councillor to represent the residents of White Rock. I have lived here and owned Asberry and Logan for more than 20 years. I have been a very active member in the business community, President of the White Rock Business Improvement Association, Chamber of Commerce, founder and President of the White Rock Pride Society and numerous other organizations and committees. 

I value the support and encouragement of many business acquaintances and friends who strongly believe I am the best candidate to help rebuild the City into a strong business community to support the residents of our beautiful seaside city, while maintaining a vibrant community filled with arts and cultural events, attract tourists to strengthen our local economy and maintain a small town atmosphere amongst the residents. 

I will work towards improving and updating the infrastructure, lowering taxes, ensuring an efficiently run City Hall, addressing housing needs, revitalizing the waterfront and leaving a legacy for future generations we can all be proud of.

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