Engineering & Operations

The Engineering and Municipal Operations Department is responsible for the City’s infrastructure assets, ensuring that essential services are available when needed by the community. Municipal services and infrastructure provide a high quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors focusing on the environment, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility. The department also administers bylaws and policies related to activities on street right-of-way, ensuring that private redevelopment compliments or enhances existing infrastructure assets.

The Engineering Division plans, designs, and constructs the public infrastructure necessary for a safe sustainable quality of life for White Rock residents, businesses, and visitors. The Division regulates activities and construction on City rights of way for the following reasons and provisions to:

  • Safeguard infrastructure
  • Safeguard services by approving all designs for work on City right of ways
  • Inspect works installed by private developers that become municipal property (e.g., roads, sidewalks, traffic control measures, drainage, sanitary sewers, water mains)
  • Issue driveway access permits and permits to work within municipal road allowance

The Operations Division operates and maintains the following infrastructure on a 24/7 basis and pro-actively responds to emergencies:

  • Transportation: Roads, sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals
  • Parks: Waterfront promenade, parks, road ends, hanging baskets, trees on City right of way, sports fields
    • Facilities: Recreation, public safety, and municipal operations buildings, tennis courts
  • Fleet: City vehicles

The Division also operates and maintains utility infrastructure on a 24/7 basis including:

  • Drainage: Drainage pipes, catch basins, outfalls, service connections, pumping stations
  • Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer pipes, service connections, pumping stations
  • Water: Wells, the water treatment plant, reservoirs, pump stations, pressure reducing valves, piping, services, hydrants
  • Solid Waste: Residential garbage, green waste, and recycling collection