Qualifications for Office

Qualifications to Run for Local Government Office

In 2018 City of White Rock voters will elect one candidate for the position of Mayor, six (6) candidates for the position of Councillor and one candidate for the position of School Trustee.

To qualify as a candidate for local government office, at the time of nomination a person must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older on general voting day
  • You must be a Canadian Citizen
  • You must be a resident of BC for at least six months prior to the date of nomination
  • Not disqualified by any statute or law, from being nominated, elected or holding office

Nominees must be nominated by ten electors of the City of White Rock.  Nominees (the candidate) are not required to be residents or non-resident property owners in the City of White Rock. 

There is a nomination deposit required to be submitted along with the nomination documents in the amount of $100.  

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has released a series of videos to assist prospective candidates navigate the election process. Please visit their website for fore details details:

Serving the Community - Time Commitment

If you are elected to local office, you will be expected to serve the 2018 to 2022 term.

Be aware that holding a position in local office can be time consuming.  In addition to regular meetings, you may also be asked to serve on special committees, task forces, boards or commissions that may also require a significant time commitment both with attending meetings and preparing for them.  

Further detailed information in regard to candidacy can be found on the Ministry's website

The BC School Trustees Association has published a guide for Trustee Candidates that can be downloaded here:  A Guide for 2018 School Trustee Candidates.pdf

Local Elections Campaign Financing Amendment Act, 2017

There is new legislation that has received Royal Assent November 30, 2017 resulting in many changes to the financing provisions of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.  The changes will apply to the 2018 General Local Election in regard to Campaign Contributions (PDF).

It has also been announced that legislation in regard to Campaign Expense Limits will be forthcoming by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Ministry of Education, and is scheduled to be announced April 30, 2018 see Local Elections Campaign Financing Amendment (PDF)  for further information.