The most commonly requested bylaws and regulations are listed below in alphabetical order. 

Bylaws A - Z 


Animal Control and LicensingGoverns animal regulations in White Rock
Annual Property Tax Rates2019 bylaw for the levying of rates on land and improvements
Anti-IdlingRegulates vehicle idling in White Rock
Automated Vote Counting SystemAuthorizes an automated vote counting system and procedure
Bee KeepingRegulates the keeping of bees in White Rock
Board of VarianceProvides for the establishment of a Board of Variance
Building Code Administration of the building code 
Business Improvement Area (BIA)Establishes and designates a Business Improvement Area in White Rock 
Business License (consolidated)Respecting the granting of licenses and the regulation of business 
Bylaw Enforcement OfficerDesignated officer positions for the purpose to section 16 of the Community Charter and sections 21, 28 and 24 of the Offence Act
Collection Removal, Disposal and Recycling of Solid WasteProvides for the collection, removal, disposal and recycling of solid waste
Community Amenity Reserve FundEstablishes the guidelines for the Community Amenity Reserve Fund
Controlled Substances Property BylawRegulates, prohibits or imposes requirements respecting controlled substance properties. A controlled substance is defined in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as a property on which hazardous conditions exist
Council and Committee ProceduresEstablishes rules of procedure for Council and Committee meetings. 
Development Cost ChargesRegulates the way in which development cost charges may be imposed for the purpose of providing funds to assist the City in paying the capital cost of providing, altering of expanding sewage, drainage, highway facilities and park land
Drainage Utility FeesEstablishes fees for various classes of users of the drainage conditions and circumstances
Elections Mail Ballots and ProceduresEstablishes guidelines for eligibility to vote by mail ballot or elector registration by mail
Electrical Connections Regulation (consolidated)Regulates electrical connections to buildings 
Fees and Charges BylawImposes fees and charges for various services offered by the City that are not included in any other City Bylaw
Financial Plan BylawBylaw to adopt a financial plan for 2019 to 2023
Fire Prevention and Safety BylawEstablishes services to prevent and suppress fire, as well as other powers relating to hazards, dangerous conditions and public safety
Fire Sprinkler System BylawProvides for the establishment of fire limit areas and the regulation of the installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems in buildings within fire limit areas 
Fireworks RegulationCouncil may regulate, prohibit and impose requirements in relation to the sale or disposal to any person of firecrackers and any other fireworks of any kind
Freedom of Information (consolidated)Establishes the administrative structure of the City of White Rock in relation to the Freedom of Information and Protection of privacy Act and to set payable to the municipality for services under the Act
Noise Control Provides regulation of certain noises or sounds in the City of White Rock
Officer and Indemnification BylawEstablishes Officer Positions and to provide for the indemnification of the Officers, Employees and Members of Council in the City of White Rock
Official Community PlanUnder the Local Government Act in relation to Official Community Plans, the Council of the City of White Rock is empowered to establish objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management
Parking Meters (consolidated)Bylaw to provide for the creation of metered spaces on highways or portions thereof for parking purposes and to charge and collect a fee for the use of occupation of same
Parks Regulation (consolidated)Bylaw to regulate and govern the use of parks
Permissive Tax Exemption (Peace Arch Curling Club)Provides exemption from municipal property taxes for a fixed period of time pursuant to the Community Charter. Peace Arch Curling Club, a society, has leased certain property from the City of White Rock and provides services to the public
Permissive Tax Exemption (White Rock Business Improvement Association)Provides exemption from municipal property taxes for a fixed period of time pursuant to the Community Charter. The White Rock BIA has leased part of the building located at 1174 Fir Street, from the City
Permissive Tax Exemption (Peninsula Productions)Provides exemption from municipal property taxes for a fixed period of time pursuant to the Community Charter. Penn
Pesticide UseRegulates the cosmetic use of pesticides within the City of White Rock
Pier Heritage SiteDesignates the Pier as a heritage site
Planning ProceduresDefines Planning Procedures and the referral of liquor license applications
Public Health Smoking ProtectionRegulates the protection, promotion and preservation of the health of the inhabitants of the City of White Rock
Removal and Disposal of Unlawfully Parked VehiclesRegulates the removal and disposal of any vehicle parked unlawfully occupying any portion of a highway or public place
Road Subdivision Bylaw 
Regulates the subdivision of Land in the City of White Rock.
Secondary Suite Service FeeEstablishes a fee payable by the owners and occupiers of real properties within the City of White Rock that contain secondary suites
Security and Fire Alarm System Regulationprovides for the regulation of emergency services in response to false alarms of a security alarm system or a fire system in the City of White Rock
Sewer Connection and Rental Charges (consolidated)Regulates connections to sewers and drains and to impose sewer connection and rental charges
Sidewalk Use AgreementPermits and regulates the use of City sidewalks for the purpose of extending business operations onto public right of ways
Sign Bylaw (consolidated)Regulates the placing, maintenance and repair of signs
Street and Traffic Schedules (consolidated)Regulates traffic and the use of streets in the City of White Rock 
Street Naming and House Numbering (consolidated)Adopts and regulates a system of street naming and house numbering in the City of White Rock
Subdivision of Land RegulationRegulates the subdivision of land in the City of White Rock
Ticketing for Bylaw Offenses (consolidated)Authorizes ticketing for Bylaw Officers
Tree Management (consolidated)Regulates and prohibits the cutting, removal and damage of trees, the setting of fees and issuance of permits for the same and the requirement for replacement trees and of security for their provision and maintenance
Unsightly Premises and Graffiti AbatementProvides for the regulation of unsightly premises or graffiti abatement in the City of White Rock
Water Services BylawProvides for the establishment and regulation of water works, supply, use and rates
White Rock Heritage Site Designates the 'white rock' as a heritage site
Zoning Bylaw (consolidated)Pursuant to the Local Government Act, City Council is empowered to make regulations in relation to zoning and other development relations

*Online copies of bylaws are not legal versions of the bylaw and many not include all of the bylaws and recent amendments. Contact the Clerk's Department for official copies of a bylaw.