Property Taxes

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PLEASE NOTE - Due to COVID-19 safety measures Canada Post is reporting that mail delivery delays should be expected. Property Tax payments mailed to City Hall must arrive on or before September 30, 2020 to ensure no penalty is added. When possible please consider an alternate payment option listed under the Paying Your Taxes page below.

2020 Property Taxes

The 2020 due date for property taxes is July 2, 2020. In order to provide financial relief to our residents, the last day for payment with no penalty is September 30, 2020. This change in penalty date will allow a 90-day extension to pay taxes without late penalties. A 10% penalty will be levied to all accounts with outstanding balances on October 1, 2020. The penalty is also applicable on the homeowner grant portion of your taxes.  

Property Tax Notices will be mailed before the beginning of June.  Please contact us if you do not receive your Property Tax Notice by the second week of June.

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Home Owner Grants Submissions

Online Applications

The City of White Rock’s online Home Owner Grant application is available from the date the Property Tax Notices are mailed until December 31 of the current year.

To claim your grant, you will need your folio number and access code from the top of your tax notice.

You will receive a confirmation/order number after you have successfully completed your electronic Home Owner Grant. Print and/or save your confirmation/order number for future reference. To receive an email receipt, you must include your email address in the field specified on the application form.

Paper Applications

If not applying online, complete the detachable grant application at the bottom of the Property Tax Notice and mail it or drop it off at City Hall drop box located at the front entrance of City Hall. Applications will not be processed unless they are signed and completed in full. If paying at your financial institution, be aware that financial institutions no longer accept Home Owner Grant applications.

If you did not claim the home owner grant for the previous year, you may apply using the Application for Retroactive Home Owner Grant (FIN 92)

Payment Options

Paying Your Taxes

Want to avoid the lineups? Find out the different ways to pay your property taxes.

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Deferment of Property Taxes                 

Deferment of property taxes is a provincial loan program that allows you to defer the annual property tax payment on your home if you meet the criteria.


Home Owner Grants

Learn more about home owner grants and how you can take advantage of them.

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Important information for property owners moving to or from White Rock

Bridge over water                 

Learn more about how names and address are tracked and changed for Property Tax and Water Utility Accounts.


Pre-Payment Plan

Check the bottom of your Property Tax Notice to see what your 10 month recommended pre-payment is.

Contact Us

Contacting the Property Tax department

Information on how to contact the Property Tax department

BC Assessment

Property Assessment                 

Each year the BC Assessment updates the assessed values of properties within the province. These assessments along with the City’s tax rates are the basis for calculating your municipal Property Taxes each year.   Learn more about how assessments work with municipal property taxes.

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Important Dates                 

Learn more about your property tax notice and important dates.

tax saleTax Sale

View information about the annual tax sale of the City of White Rock.

simple houseAdditional School Tax

In addition to collecting taxes for municipal purposes, the City is also required to collect and remit taxes on behalf of other governments. One such tax is the Provincial School Tax. School tax is charged on every property in B.C. unless the property qualifies for an exemption. Starting in 2019, an Additional School Tax applies to most high-valued residential properties in the province.

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Speculation and Vacancy Tax

The Speculation and Vacancy Tax will be administered and managed by the Provincial Government.  Please visit the Province’s website for more information.

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Property Tax Exemptions

An organization must qualify under Section 224 of the Community Charter and comply with the City’s policies, plans, bylaws and regulations to be eligible for a permissive tax exemption.

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Property Tax Certificates

Property Tax Certificates are conveniently available online through APIC. Please visit APIC to open an account and order your Tax Certificate. Alternately, you can purchase a Tax Certificate at City Hall through the Finance Department during regular office hours.