Recommendations for water flushing for safely reopening businesses and buildings closed due to COVID-19

When buildings are closed or on low occupancy for any prolonged period, water in the building becomes stagnant. It is the responsibility of each property owner to ensure it maintains the safety of that water within their building.

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association have prepared a fact sheet with recommendations for safely reopening.

Download the fact sheet for water flushing recommendations.

Water in White Rock

Your drinking water is obtained from the Sunnyside Uplands Aquifer and seven wells located throughout the City of White Rock. The aquifer and wells have been the sources of the City’s water for decades.

The City’s water utility provides safe and clean drinking water to its residents. The utility serves a population of approximately 20,000 people. However, water services in White Rock had been owned and operated by private owners until the City acquired it in October of 2015. Since taking over the operations, the City has taken many steps to improve the water quality. Please see the infographic below for a snapshot of water-related milestones the City has accomplished to date.

Water Milestones Graphic

More Information

The City has also provided unprecedented information to the community on water-related activities through public education and awareness advertising, Open Houses, Community forums, water bill brochures, and a direct ad mail campaign.

You can also view our Mini Water-Related FAQ Brochure (PDF). If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQs, the information, links, and resources provided on this page, please email our Water Team. For maintenance and repairs inquiries please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department 604-541-2181.