Juvenile Fire Setter Program

This is a voluntary program that addresses a child's or teen's fire setting, fire play, fire experimentation or interest in fire. Most children express a natural and normal curiosity about fire in their early life but how much is too much? The truth is that for children there is no safe or ok amount of involvement with fire. If you know your child is doing something with fire it is important to deal with it immediately. Curiosity about fire can result in devastating injuries and loss of property if the behavior is ignored. White Rock Fire Rescue can help.

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this intervention program is to help children / teens and families address fire safety and the appropriate use of fire through education and awareness. This is accomplished through an interview and evaluation process to determine the nature of the fire play or fire setting concern and to address ways in which that behavior can be positively, effective and safely handled.

Program Structure

All Fire Safety Specialists with White Rock Fire Rescue have the training and experience in dealing with youth fire play occurrences.

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Step 1: (15 minutes)

Initial information about your concerns will be taken over the phone and an appointment is scheduled.