Seasonal Holidays

Holidays are a wonderful time to make memories with your family. But make sure that you remember your holidays for all the right reasons. After all, nothing dampens the holiday spirit like a fire or other accident. With a few simple tips you can ensure that a safe and fun time is had by all.

  1. Fireworks
  2. Trick or Treat Safety
  3. Christmas Trees
  4. Holiday Lights

Fireworks Are Not Permitted in the City of White Rock

Every year, thousands of people - most of them children - are treated in emergency rooms for serious injuries related to fireworks. Fireworks (sparklers and firecrackers included) are not toys.

The City of White Rock has banned the sale, use and discharge of fireworks. Some of the important points for Fire Rescue Service members are:

  • No person may fire or discharge Fireworks within the City boundaries unless a permit to do so is approved by White Rock Fire Rescue
  • No person may have Fireworks within the City boundaries
  • No person may offer for sale, sell, give or trade Fireworks within the City boundaries