Block Watch

Block Watch is a successful program that involves neighbours agreeing to watch out for each other's property. Neighbours, who know each other will recognize when someone doesn't belong and know when to call the police to report suspicious activity. Select a Block Captain and one Block Co-Captain, who must be from different households.

Each Captain / Co-Captain must submit an application to White Rock Detachment Community Policing and agree to a Criminal Record check. Mail or Drop off a Completed Application Form (PDF) to:
Coordinator of Volunteer Programs
White Rock RCMP
15299 Pacific Avenue
White Rock BC, V4B 1R1

Once You Have Been Approved

Canvas Your Block to See Who Might Be Interested in Joining

At least 50 percent of the street (complex) should be involved. It is not necessary to ask everyone to join if you think there might be a problem - i.e. party or a drug house - leave them out. Prior to going door to door you may obtain Block Watch Brochures from the Community Policing Office. These brochures explain the program to new participants.

Captain(s) & Co-Captain(s) Attend a Training Session

  1. Contact the program coordinator to attend a training session and pick up additional resource material.
  2. Arrange your first annual Block Watch team meeting.
  3. After you have been trained, you will be asked to arrange your first annual block watch meeting to explain the program to participants. An initial meeting is held and the concept of Block Watch is discussed along with some easy home security measures.
  4. You may request that the Coordinator and or an Auxiliary Constable attend your first meeting.
  5. After that it is just a question of holding an annual general meeting, and distributing the newsletters twice a year.
  6. Block Captains receive emails on a monthly basis giving them crime statistics and crime prevention tips these may be forwarded to participants by email or posted in a common area.

Complete & Submit a Block Watch Map

At your first meeting, you will need to complete and submit a block map which lists the addresses and contact information for your team members. Maps should be updated annually.