Child Safety

Teach your children:

  • Do not approach a vehicle even if they ask for help or directions
  • How to call 911 in an emergency
  • It's okay to say no to an adult if:
    • The adult makes them feel uncomfortable or wanted them to something they feel is bad
  • Stay away from cars occupied by strangers
  • Their Address
  • Their full name
  • Their Telephone number
  • To always say no if they are invited alone into anyone's home, car or office:
    • Unless their mother of father told you it is okay to go that day and they know where you are
    • To follow this rule even with people they know well
  • Where to go for help if you're not around:
    • Trusted neighbours, friends
    • To run to other people or lighted areas if they are being followed
    • To ask a store clerk for assistance
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