Home Security

Home Security Check Program

Trained volunteers will access the residence, multi-housing complex or business from the street, around the buildings and inside. Doors, windows, landscaping, lighting etc will be reviewed for security.

The homeowner will be requested to maintain an inventory list of engraved items to provide to the police in the event that they are stolen. A list of suggested improvements will be left with the owner. A security check is not a guarantee that the homeowner will not experience a theft but it is one more deterrent against it.

Don't Make It Easy for Thieves

  • Don't open the door to strangers! If you live in an apartment remember: No key, no entry
  • Install a motion sensor
  • Lock windows and doors even when you are home
  • Report all suspicious persons and activity to police
  • Trim trees and shrubbery that may provide concealment spots for thieves
  • Don't leave tools and ladders lying around

Don't Welcome Thieves

In warm weather, it is so tempting to leave doors and windows open, but you might as well roll out the welcome mat for some unwanted guests. Residents are reminded that even if you are inside your home, doors and windows should remain shut and locked, and all valuables such as laptop computers, small gaming systems and jewelry should be kept out of sight.

If you need to open windows, install window locks which prevent them from being opened far enough to gain entry, on: 

  • Install auxiliary locks
  • Jimmy plates
  • Safety bars
  • Sliding patio doors

If you have questions about how keep your home safe, contact Community Policing and sign up for a home security audit.