Youth Violence

Violent crimes are serious acts that hurt people...assault, robbery, sexual assault, murder. There's a difference between anger and violence. Anger is an emotion and violence is one way of expressing it. Violence is a dangerous way to power-trip over others. Gang and youth violence is a major worry for everyone. Some violent crime is committed by youth involved in gangs.

How can you help stop criminal gangs from becoming a serious problem here? By taking a stand.

Tips for Teens and Older Children

Take a Stand!

It's not up to adults and police to do something about youth violence. Adult solutions don't work by themselves. Youth can- and should - do something. If you want to start seeing changes in your school or where you live, here are some things that you should do:

  • Be aware there is a problem.
  • Don't react to violence with more violence.
  • Get together - find ways to help stop violence in your school or where you live before it happens
  • If there's a youth council, get involved - help promote positive alternatives to youth and gang violence where you live.
  • Learn the truth about violence in your community - don't let rumors run your life.
  • Recognize that violence affects everyone - anyone can be a victim.
  • Remember that violent teens are a minority - don't let their actions speak for all youth.

It's About Us!

Gangs don't have to be violent or involved in crime. A gang can be a group of youth who just like to hang out together.

Only a few people in a small number of gangs are really criminals! These few are causing more of the serious problems. They're the ones giving all youth a bad name. That's not fair and it doesn't have to happen.

Youth Against Violence - Gang and Youth Contact Line

The “Youth Against Violence - Gang & Youth Contact Line” is a telephone line where you can call to get help or leave information about violence and crimes. You can call anytime, day or night.

It's a safe and confidential way to help and share information to prevent crimes. If you want to leave your name and number, a youth police office will call you back. If you don't want someone to return your call, an officer will investigate the information you leave.

Call the “Youth Against Violence - Gang & Youth Contact Line” if you feel threatened or scared or don't know what to do. Call to report things before they happen or to prevent someone from getting hurt. Call to say “someone has a weapon” or “there is going to be a fight”. Remember, no one ever has to know you called - it's totally anonymous.

  • Lower Mainland - 604-775-4264
  • Outside the lower mainland - 800-680-4264

Contact Line

1. Dial 775-GANG (775-4264) in the Lower Mainland or 1-800-680-GANG (1-800-680-4264) outside the Lower Mainland.

2. An answering machine will answer your call.

3. Say what town or city you are calling from.

4. Either leave anonymous information or leave your name and phone number so someone can call you back.

All calls will be handled confidentially by a police officer who works with youth in your community.

Who Can Help

•  Emergency -  Call 911

•  Site for Youth, Teachers and Other Adults