Garbage & Recycling

glass collection suspended


Due to the unprecedented flooding and resulting transportation challenges and limited access to end markets, Recycle BC cannot accept glass bottles and jars.

Please note, Recycle BC depots are suspending collection of non-deposit glass bottles and jars and foam packaging (white and coloured).

Please try to keep these materials and return at a later date.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 


Garbage, recycling and green waste will not be collected on December 28, 2021 due to the Christmas Holiday Closure
Collection will move forward to the following day

Tuesday, December 28 Wednesday, December 29
Wednesday, December 29 Wednesday, December 29 (Regular Schedule)
Thursday, December 30 Thursday December 30 (Regular Schedule)
Friday, December 31 
Friday, December 31 (Regular Schedule)

Request for Recycling Containers, Green Can Waste Stickers or Extra Garbage Pickup Decals: If you would like to purchase blue plastic or red glass recycling boxes, yellow paper recycling bags, green waste stickers or extra garbage pickup stickers, please fill out the online form or visit City Hall for purchase.  

IMPORTANT: Changes to City of White Rock solid waste collection due to COVID-19

The City of White Rock continues to provide solid waste collection during the COVID-19 global pandemic. To protect the public and employees, the following important measures are now in place.
Someone sick in your home
If you or a member of your household is sick, all personal waste (garbage, recycling, food scraps) must be double-bagged and tightly sealed and placed into the regular garbage collection.

Garbage Waste

  • All garbage must be placed in a closed and securely tied garbage bag.
  • Personal hygiene items must be tied and bagged including personal hygiene products, used tissues, cleaning cloths, face masks, gloves, and similar items used for cleaning and personal use.
  • Garbage bins with un-bagged or loose items will not be collected.

Food Waste/ Scraps

  • All food waste/scraps must be placed in a kraft/paper bag or wrapped in newspaper and placed in the green bin at the curb (no plastic bags, even those marked compostable).
  • Green waste bins with un-bagged or loose food waste/scraps will not be collected.

Green bin yard waste

  • Yard waste does not need to be wrapped. Yard waste can be placed directly in your green bin or in kraft bags and can go directly to the curb. Wrapped food waste/scraps can be included in your green bin with yard waste. Loose food scraps co-mingled in yard waste will not be collected.


  • Placing cooking grease and fats down your toilet or sink may plug your lines, causing a backup in your sanitary sewer service. These items may also cause blockages in the City’s sewer system. Scrape small amounts left on plates or pots and include with your wrapped food scraps.
  • Wipes are not flushable. Please place them in your sealed garbage bags.

Residential Curbside Collection Schedule

Enter your address on the My Schedule search below to view or print your schedule. 

Collection & Containers

The City of White Rock provides solid waste collection for all single family homes, eligible townhouses and apartment complexes of 6 units of less.

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  • Please have your garbage, organics/yard trimmings and recycling ready for collection by 8 a.m. on your collection day or it may not be collected.
Every Other Week


  • Garbage is collected every other week. Each property is allowed up to two cans every other week.
  • Garbage containers are not provided by the City. Each container shall not exceed 4 cubic feet or 110 litres in size (one standard garbage can size), and together with the contents, should not exceed 50 pounds Containers are available to purchase from local hardware stores.
  •  All garbage must be placed in plastic bags and tied securely before putting in your garbage bin. Do NOT place loose waste in your garbage bin. Thank you for your cooperation.
Every Week

Green Waste

  • Green waste / yard trimmings is collected every week. Each property is allowed up to a combination of 10 containers / kraft bags per week.
  • Green waste/yard trimmings containers are not provided by the City. Each container shall not exceed four cubic feet or 110 litres in size (one standard garbage can size), and together with the contents, should not exceed 50 pounds. Containers are available to purchase from local hardware stores.
  • Food scraps/food waste must be wrapped. Un-bagged or loose food waste/scraps in green waste bins will not be collected.
Every Week


  • Recycling is collected every week. Each property requires a blue box for plastic / metal containers, a red box for non-deposit glass containers and a yellow bag for paper products.
  • Blue and red recycling boxes are available for purchase at most City facilities. There is no charge for the yellow paper recycling bag.

White Rock Recycles App

Download the White Rock Recycles App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store :

  • Use the Put Waste In Its Place search engine to take the guess work out of sorting garbage, recycling, food scraps and more
  • View your upcoming collection schedule
  • Get notifications the night before or morning of your collection day
  • Sign up for a Service/Emergency alerts using this tool. Follow these steps to sign up for alerts (PDF)
  • Upload your collection schedule to your personal calendar 


Please remember the City of White Rock currently has a manual curbside collection system, which means crews have to physically lift the garbage into the truck. Larger containers are not suitable for our manual collection system because the crews are not able to safely lift them. Also, for health and safety reasons, collectors are not permitted to reach into a container to remove the contents.