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While the City will be reaching out to those affected by the upcoming conversion for information as and when it is needed, residents are invited to take the time to provide all the needed information by completing a Detailed Solid Waste Collection Survey


By completing the Solid Waste Collection Survey the city will be able to accurately pinpoint what your properties current needs are in order to start being a contract that will allow for optimal service and a seamless transition.

Key benefits of the online survey include:

  1. The ability to allow applicants to save their survey at any time and access it again through an emailed link that will be sent once the survey has been saved. 
  2. Applicants will be emailed a pdf copy of their submission for their records
  3. Easy upload of documents being requested (site plan for bin placement and current waste hauler contract)
  4. All responses will compile into a database to ensure efficiency in analyzing the individual and collective needs 

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Conversion of Private Solid Waste Collection to City Managed Contractor

On October 8, 2021, White Rock City Council approved Bylaw 2402 whereby multi-family (MF) and institutional, commercial and industrial (ICI) solid waste collection will be carried out by a City managed contractor. The fees for this service will be collected through the City Solid Waste Utility billing starting in 2023. It is contemplated that fees will be collected quarterly, similarly to water usage fees. 

This Council decision was made following information gathered through a solid waste public open house held on February 19, 2020, survey results from 199 residents, and ongoing feedback from residents. Concerns raised with the present solid waste collection system whereby MF and ICI properties make private arrangements with contractors include: 

  • Trucks from multiple companies servicing adjacent properties leading to congestion, pollution and noise on City streets
  • Varying degrees of compliance with recycling and composting programs
  • Some properties choose to “opt out” of the private system and use City parks and street containers for disposal leading to increased costs for all taxpayers and unsightly overfilled containers


Bylaw 2402 - Amendment to Collection, Removal, Disposal and Recycling of Solid Waste Bylaw, to provide solid waste collection services to multi-family buildings and institutional, commercial, and industrial buildings.