Fire Hydrants

The Fire Department in White Rock rely on fire hydrants in our community to work every time they are needed. White Rock ensures hydrants are performing properly with regular maintenance, inspections and flushing. Reliable high pressure and volume are the most important factors in saving a building from fire.

Private Fire Hydrant

Some properties have privately owned fire hydrants which the City of White Rock does not maintain. If a privately owned hydrant is leaking or damaged, the property owner should be notified.

Fire Hydrant Use Permit

Using a fire hydrant is restricted to authorized people only. All connections to a fire hydrant must be fitted with a backflow prevention device, and an independent shut off valve to regulate the flow of water. Every backflow prevention device installed on a hydrant must be approved by the City of White Rock and must be provided by the customer or resident. 

Before a Fire Hydrant Use Permit can be issued:

  • Complete and submit an application form
  • Submit a damage deposit of $758 and a fee of $56 (per day) to Engineering and Municipal Operations 


For more information, contact the Water Department at 604-541-2181 or email