Water Leaks

The City is responsible for leaks from the water pipes on City property: from the water main or from the service to the property up to the valve at the property line. City staff will confirm there is a leak and also determine if it is on the City's side of the service valve. If you notice water leaking on City property, contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department as soon as possible. If the leak is confirmed on City property, City staff will complete all repairs.

If the leak is on City property, please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604-541-2181 or email the Water Department. Please note that calls made outside of regular business hours are automatically forwarded to Fire Dispatch who will contact a City staff member.

Water Leaks on Private Property

A water leak may be on private property if:

  • Areas of your yard are always soggy or wet
  • Patches of grass that stay greener than the rest of lawn
  • Water is coming out of the ground in your yard
  • You hear water running even when taps are turned off

If you are experiencing high consumption on your water bill, you may have a leak. Please refer to our Water Leak Sheet (PDF) for tips and tricks to locate the source of the leak.

For more information on water leaks please see page 21 of the Water Service Bylaw 2015, Number 2017 (PDF).