Please review the appeal requirements before submitting your appeal

  • Appeals must be made within seven days of your Notice of By-Law Violation (ticket) issue date.
  • When completing the form, please attach proof of parking payment or any other documentation supporting your appeal.  DO NOT attach a copy of your Notice of By-Law Violation (ticket).

To expedite the appeal process, please review the following reasons for appeals that will be denied

Please do not submit an appeal for these reasons, you were:

  • Getting change for the meter or pay station
  • Paying for your restaurant bill
  • Waiting for a train to clear the tracks
  • Stopping to use a restroom
  • Not aware of the by-laws or failed to see the sign / hydrant

A supervisor will review the By-Law Violation Notice, the officer’s notes and your reasons for appeal. You can expect to be advised of the outcome within three to six weeks.

If you wish to appeal a Parking By-Law Violation Notice from the City of White Rock, please use the appeals form.  If you prefer you may complete a paper appeal in person at White Rock City Hall.

Completed forms will be submitted by email to the Finance Department:
White Rock City Hall
15322 Buena Vista Avenue
White Rock, BC V4B 1Y6