Permit Parking

Recognizing the difficulty in renewing Residential Parking Permits at this time, the City will accept 2019 Residential Parking Permits for use by residents until City Hall reopens.

To request a Resident Parking Permit or a Resident One Day Event Parking permit, click here: Request for Parking Decals or Resident Parking Permits. If you have any questions please contact us at or 604-541-2100.

Please note - 2021 City of White Rock Pay Parking Decals and Residential Parking Permits will be available for purchase November 2, 2020 and will be valid from the date of purchase until December 31, 2021.

The City has designated “Permit Parking Only” areas to preserve the on street parking for the residents who live there. These areas are located close to high use parking areas of the City, for example, close to pay parking areas. Residents who live in these designated areas may purchase Resident Parking Permits which allows them, or their visitors, to park in the Permit Parking Only areas.

Information About Resident Parking Permits

  • The permit allows for parking in designated Permit Parking Only areas on the block printed on the front of the permit and the next adjacent block.
  • The permit can be used by residents or their visitors.
  • The permit must be hung from the vehicle's rear view mirror, address side facing out, to avoid being ticketed.
  • Vehicles not displaying a permit within the Permit Parking Only areas will be ticketed or possibly towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Permits are not valid in Pay Parking or Time Limited Parking areas.
  • Permits are only valid during the calendar year that is displayed on the permits.
  • All other City bylaws must be adhered to when using a permit, such as not parking on City property for 72 consecutive hours.
  • Parking spaces are limited and the City does not guarantee that spaces will be available at any given point in time.

Obtaining a Resident Parking Permit

  • Permits can be purchased at City Hall and the White Rock Community Centre by residents who live in a Permit Parking Only area.
  • Up to four permits can be purchased for each dwelling unit. Where there is a suite within a house, up to four permits may be purchased by those who live in the suite.
  • Up to four permits can be purchased for each unit within a condominium or apartment building.
  • The permits cost $12 each, plus GST.
  • Proof of residency is required to purchase a permit, please bring your driver’s license, BC Identification card or two of the following showing your White Rock address: property tax notice, revenue canada notice of assessment, utility bill, rental agreement, bank statement or phone bill.

Replacing lost Resident Parking Permits

  • Each year, up to four replacement permits per dwelling unit can be purchased from the Finance Department at City hall.  Replacement permits are $12 each (plus GST).
  • The serial numbers of the lost permits will be recorded and any vehicle found displaying the lost permit will be ticketed or possibly towed at the owner’s expense.
  • You will be required to inform the Finance Department of which serial numbers you have remaining in your possession before a replacement permit can be purchased (this is to ensure that the lost permit serial number can be recorded).

Special Event Parking Permits

  • Temporary one-day permits for special events can be acquired from the Finance Department at City Hall. The date for which they are valid will be written on the permit.