Resident Pay Parking Decals

Parking Decals can be purchased online or in person at City Hall

Online: To request a Residential Parking Decal, please click here: Request for Parking Decals or Resident Parking Permits. We will contact you for payment and will mail the decals to the address provided on the request form.  Please pay for parking in all pay parking areas until you receive your decal in the mail.

In Person: At the finance department (main floor) of City Hall. Office hours are 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays).

If you have any questions please contact us at or 604-541-2100.  

Resident parking decals are available for sale to full time residents of the City of White Rock. With the parking decal residents can park for up to four hours per day at any of the City of White Rock's pay parking areas, unless posted otherwise:

  • Marine Drive including the parkades.
  • Centennial Arena, and
  • The City of White Rock meters around Peace Arch Hospital (street parking not the parking lot, this is an Impark pay parking lot)

Please note that all pay parking in the City of White Rock's (City owned or leased) pay parking areas is free for up to four hours for all vehicles bearing Veteran licence plates - no parking decal is required!

Purchase Requirements

In order to purchase a City of White Rock Pay Parking Decal, please provide your:

  • British Columbia valid driver's licence
  • Current Owner's certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence

Both documents must show your current White Rock address.  There is no limit to the number of decals you can buy, but the owner of the vehicle must live in White Rock and the vehicle registration must be for their address in White Rock.   Please note, parking decals are non-refundable and not transferable between vehicles.

Where to Place the Decal

The City of White Rock Pay Parking Decal must be affixed to the lower inside corner of the driver's side of the windshield. The decal number is registered to your licence plate number. If you change licence plates you must register your new plates to match the decal. Contact the Finance Department to update your vehicle licence plate information or 604-541-2100.

Sale of Vehicle

Ideally, before you sell your vehicle, remove your decal.  Usually using a blow dryer will soften the glue enough to remove it.  You can then place it on your new car’s windshield.  If you got a new licence plate, please contact the City at 604-541-2148  to update your vehicle information.  Contact the City to arrange a replacement decal if the decal could not be removed.

Windshield Replacement

Ideally, before your windshield is replaced, remove your decal. Usually using a blow dryer will soften the glue enough to remove it. You can then place it on your new windshield. Contact the City at 604-541-2148 and we can arrange for a replacement decal if it could not be removed.

What You Can't Do with the Decal

With the decal you are:

  • Not entitled to park on streets posted as 'Permit Parking Only'
  • Not valid at the “Limited Time Parking” meters at the Arena, posted as 1/2 hour short term
  • Not valid in the Hospital's private parking lots
  • Not valid to park on the south side of Marine Drive between Finlay Street and Stayte Road (Surrey meters)

How Long It's Valid

The decal is valid for a calendar year, January to December and is not prorated. The 2022 parking decal is $50.00, plus GST.  The City starts sales for decals November each year for the following calendar year.  Customers can use the decal right away once purchased.

Don't Get Ticketed

Visit the Permit Parking section for more information.