Business Licences


Commercial activity in the City of White Rock is regulated and authorized by White Rock Business Licence Bylaw 1997, No. 1510 (PDF). This bylaw also provides information on how an individual can acquire a business licence with the City of White Rock, what fees are associated with any type of business licence, and under what conditions that they may operate.

All businesses, including registered non-profit operations and residential rental operations, are required to have a valid business licence. No person shall carry on a business for profit or gain within the City of White Rock without holding a valid licence for the business so carried on.

Inquiries & Complaints

For a prompt response to inquiries related to businesses and the licencing process, please contact the Licencing Clerk at 604-541-2139 or email the Licencing Clerk.

If you have a complaint or any issues relating to the operation of a business, please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 604-541-2146 or email Bylaw Enforcement.

View a copy of the Business Licence application form (PDF).