Planning & Development

Important Note: In order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the Provincial Health Officer has implemented limitations on gatherings of 50 or more persons. To respect this limitation and keep the public safe, the City will be conducting virtual public meeting and meetings of the City's Boards and Committees. Advisory Committee meetings will be livestreamed and archived on the City's website. The City will continue to monitor the health advisories and limitations established by the Province and until such time as these limitations are lifted, postpone any meeting that may result in public gathering.

Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for providing professional advice to City Council regarding future land use and growth management in the City, developing various land use plans and strategies intended to encompass various aspects of community life, processing many different types of development applications, and coordinating public consultation events.  

Planning responds to various public inquiries, and maintains data related to demographics, relevant regulations, and policy plans that affect private property throughout the City. Planning also provides assistance to the Board of Variance and the Advisory Design Panel. The Planning Department is also responsible for tree management on private property.

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Building Department

The Building Department reviews and processes a variety of applications relating to works on, in, or around buildings or structures on private property to ensure that these works are compliant with provincial and municipal codes and regulations. This includes building permits, demolition permits, sprinkler permits, pool permits, plumbing permits, and permits relating to oil tank removal.

The Building Department is also responsible for inspections to verify that the proposed works have occurred as planned and permitted.

Licencing Department

The Licencing Department is responsible for the granting and licencing of business activities in the City of White Rock. This department also oversees certain aspects of the dog licencing process.

Bylaw Enforcement Department

The Bylaw Enforcement Department upholds and enforces a wide variety of City bylaws relating to quality of life and land use, including nuisance (noise, unsightliness, smoke) and other incompatibilities.