Demographics & Statistics

There are countless ways to describe the qualities of a community, and they cover diverse realms that include natural systems, social and economic aspects, buildings, and public spaces. This page is intended to provide baseline information on the City of White Rock over the past 20 years.

White Rock 2018 Community Profile

The White Rock 2018 Community Profile serves as a concise fact base, documenting statistics as related to various demographic, economic, and social indicators. A variety of sources were used in preparing the document, including data from Statistics Canada, BC Stats, and various City documents including the new White Rock Official Community Plan.

This document details the historic and existing local conditions of the City, and can be used to assess the needs of the community. The 2018 Community Profile provides valuable background information to better inform discussions on existing and emergent issues, and can also be used to complement ongoing and upcoming City planning projects. Future reviews of the City’s Official Community Plan will use census data, such as the information presented in the 2018 Community Profile, as a baseline to measure changes in areas like population, housing quality, and commuting patterns.

An electronic copy of the White Rock 2018 Community Profile is available here.

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