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The objective of White Rock’s Public Art Program is to create artwork that is accessible to the public. By virtue of its placement, content and public engagement, public art shapes the environment around it. Successful community art projects can help communities change the local environment and develop a sense of pride and ownership over their public spaces.

Discover Public Art in White Rock by foot (PDF) through our public art walking map. Please note that the website collection page is still in progress.

2019 Public Art Projects

Stande by Illarion Gallant

The City of White Rock commissioned this public art installation in honour of the 70th anniversary of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.
Located at McCracken Courtyard at the Peace Arch Hospital 

stande 1

About the Artwork

Stande is a testament to the selflessness of the White Rock Woman’s Auxiliary and its continued contributions to this community. Starting with its founding members in 1947, the Auxiliary’s pragmatic post-war visionary force coalesced with its civic virtue to raise community support in order to establish a community hospital. The Peace Arch Hospital was realized in 1954. Metaphorically, Stande draws on the form of the pre-contact rainforest that once stood on the hospital site. This imagery highlights the strength, shelter, support and nurturing that these dedicated women believed was necessary for the future growth and success of their community, White Rock.

About the Artist

Located in Victoria British Columbia. Rusnak Gallant Ltd principal Illarion Gallant has been a practicing professional artist since 1988. He has successfully completed many large scale, site specific, outdoor urban sculpture pieces.

Coastal Cradle by Andy Davies

Located at Memorial Park

coastal cradle 3

About the Artwork

The 17’ tall artwork draws on the delicate nature of the humblest of plants – the simple blade of grass. These blades, with a droplet of morning dew, evoke the precious and fragile stir of early morning. The suggestion of cradling leads the viewer to a place of tenderness, kindness, and the protection of something sacred. The flowing organic movement of the blades reference the undulating beach, waves, and tidal pools of White Rock. Nestled in these waves is the sun, shining with uplifting brilliance.

About the Artist

Andy Davies is a sculptor of public space. From ephemeral water drawings to public sculpture commissions, Davies adores the politics and personality of the public domain. He has three major public commissions in Alberta and Ontario, with a fourth currently in progress for White Rock, B.C. He graduated at the top of his class from the University of Lethbridge in 2009 with a B.F.A. / B.Ed. Davies is based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

2018 Public Art Project

Rainworks by Jeff Kulak


About the Artwork

Rainworks is an invisible spray that is rain activated and the art will only appear when it is raining. Jeff Kulak, a Vancouver based artist, has been hired to animate White Rock with positive messages during the dark rainy winter months. These messages will come to life when it rains. Each piece around the city is supported by commemorative stories and events. This project is a celebration and recognition of White Rock’s 60th Birthday.

The City’s commission of RAINWORKS’ 60 Years of Rain, a temporary public art installation revealing images on the sidewalk after it rained, was recognized nationally in November at the Creative City Network’s annual conference in Mississauga, Ontario. The Public Art Year in review recognizes and celebrates outstanding public art projects from across Canada.

About the Artist

Hooman Mehdizadehjafari (born 1985) is a Vancouver-based Iranian visual artist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (sculpture) and a Master of Fine Arts (painting) from Tehran University of Art. He has more than 25 group exhibitions and 3 solo sculpture exhibitions in his professional background. Hooman received different national and international awards and is mostly known for his large scale public art projects.

Visit the blog. View the Rainworks Map (PDF).

2017 Public Art Project

Infinity Cycle | Newport Plaza Public Art Project

Located at Marine Drive and Oxford StreetInfinity Cycle

About the Artwork

Infinity Cycle is a figurative-abstract public sculpture commissioned by the City of White Rock, BC, Canada in 2017. This stainless steel sculpture is created in commemoration of the 37th anniversary of the race cycling tour in White Rock called Tour de White Rock. The linear structure of the piece creates a transparent visualization of a cyclist who is riding an infinity symbol. The ironic message of infinity has its roots in the idea of our constant tendency - as humankind - to move forward towards the infinite future. Photo Credit: Jenny Bray