Question & Answer Period

Question and Answer (QA) period is held at Regular Council meetings and is an opportunity for the public to ask Council questions and receive answers (if available). QA is noted in the record and once the minutes are adopted, the questions and answers will be available on the table below. 

There may be instances where the City is unable to provide an answer at the meeting; however, the question will be forwarded to staff and the response will be updated in this table when available.

If there are any questions, please contact Corporate Administration at 604 541 2212 or 

Council and Committee Procedure Bylaw, 2018, No. 2232, Amendment No. 1 (Question and Answer Period), 2019, No. 2277

Questions and Answers (Regular Council)

2021-09-20   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-07-27   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-07-12 I offer this letter in support of maintaining the west bound closure of Marine Dr. until at least
after the Labour Day weekend.
I find it interesting that my favourite restaurants on the East Beach continue to be busy.
Perhaps those complaining about the lack of foot traffic should review and revise the product
they are offering!
Council received this for information.  A decision on the temporary one-way closure for Marine Drive was made at the July 12 Special Council meeting.
2021-06-28 Questions on the 2020 Annual Report: Expenses it would be helpful to have the protective services defined (Fire, Police and Bylaw Enforcement) to help understand the cost difference between each- Would like to see each utility expenses noted separately- Concern with the accumulated surpluses - stating the amount shown should be sufficient to keep taxes from being raised.  

Chief  Administrative Officer provided the following response:
Page 160 of the agenda has the breakdown of Utilities that you requested. We will take into consideration your suggestion to break down Protective Services in the annual report for 2021. In the meantime here is the 2020 breakdown for you:
 Police - $6,672,070
 Fire - $4,660,875
 Building & Bylaw - $1,062,378
In regards to your comments about accumulated surplus please see the attached article that has a good explanation on what accumulated surplus is in the municipal world.

2021-06-28 Questions surrounding RV Parking in White Rock (Click here to view full submission) Council adopted a motion asking staff to look into the City’s street and traffic bylaw in relation to RV parking in White Rock and to provide a report back on the matter at a future meeting
2021-06-14   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-05-31   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-05-10   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-04-26   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-04-12 Wanted to express my appreciation for the fulsome and informative City Connects e-newsletter. Clearly it represents considerable time and effort by city staff to compile. Thank you!
In the last number of editions Council has acknowledged religious holidays with a picture of Council members and a holiday greeting (Easter, Christmas etc). How does Council decide which of these holidays to acknowledge? This time of year is of special significance to many religious communities in White Rock - Nowruz on March 20, Passover March 27 - April 4, Ramadan April 13 - May 12 - to name a few.

I encourage Council and city staff to consider holiday greetings that encompass the diversity of our community and recognize that not all people celebrate Christian holidays.

The Manager of Communications and Government Relations responded with the following:

Thank you for your very kind words regarding the City’s e-newsletter, City Connects. We appreciate you taking the time to send a message.

You asked about the holiday messages in City Connects that feature a photo of Council members. The decision regarding which holidays the City recognizes with advertisements in City Connects, the Peace Arch News and on the City’s social media channels is made by City Council.

The related Council Policy 135 is posted at this link, with other City policies on

Thank you for making the suggestions. Your feedback will be shared with Council.

2021-04-12 Could you please find out why patients in Peace Arch Hospital are not being vaccinated?

One patient has been in hospital since February 14, 2021, is over 90 years of age and despite enquiries to many agencies, is still unvaccinated.

Surely these patients should be some of the first to be vaccinated considering the many infections found in so many hospitals.

The Executive Director of South Surrey/White Rock and Delta Health Services & Peace Arch and Delta Hospitals, Cathy Wiebe, responded with the following:

We have recently added our new in-hospital immunization program as of March 31. All in-patients who are over the age of 70 and/or identify as indigenous are being offered vaccinations at this time. This program will be capturing patients on a weekly basis and likely will increase over time.

2021-04-12 The taxpayers cannot afford a $50,000 new batting cage at this time. What happened to the election promise of 0 tax increase?

The Director of Financial Services noted that the $50K contribution for the Batting Cage that was approved on Monday March 29th comes from the Community Amenity Contributions and which does not impact taxation rates.

The following link is to Council Policy 511 on Community Amenity Contributions that helps to describe what they are and how they can be used: 511-Community-Amenity-Contribution-pdf (

2021-03-29   No questions submitted for this meeting.
My question is regarding your position on out of town developers, posing as city residents at public hearings, in support of their own projects:  
1. What does this Mayor and this Council have to say about this to all residents - and the development community at large, that wants to do business in white rock?
2. Will this Mayor and this Council support unethical developers that are looking for more opportunities to expose our city rather than help it grow in a sustainable way?

While speakers at a public hearing/meeting are requested to begin their comments by providing their name and city of residence for the record, it is not mandatory that a speaker reside in White Rock to participate in a public hearing. Section 465(2) of the Local Government Act states that “all persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw” are to be given an opportunity to be heard or present written submissions. All statements and representations made to Council at a public hearing are considered by members of Council, but elected officials can decide how much weight in their deliberations they will give to someone who lives outside the municipality.
2021-02-22 With respect to Bylaw 2374, Street and Traffic Bylaw, has any consideration been given to the possibility of increased traffic on parallel streets due to the reduction of the speed limit on Johnston Road to 30 km/h? I am referring specifically to Best Street (where I live) and Finlay Street, both of which cross North Bluff/16th directly into Surrey. There is a lot of traffic on those streets already, so the combination of more traffic, speeders, and the many vehicles which have decibel levels far above the legal limit (with impunity), may make these streets even more busy and noisy than they already are. I don't look forward to that. The Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations noted the reduction in speeds from the standard municipal speed limit of 50 km/h can potentially result in traffic shifting to streets without reduced speeds. This is more likely to occur where the streets with differing speed limits are similar.
Johnston Road is dissimilar to Finlay and Best Streets in that it is a commercial destination as well as a through street; however, there is the potential that some motorists may turn to adjacent streets to avoid the lower speed limits on Johnston Road.

  No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-01-25   No questions submitted for this meeting.
2021-01-11   No questions submitted for this meeting
2020-12-07 Questions surrounding the insurance payout from the storm damage to the pier and west float, and further questions about the marina Staff noted that the City has received $3.4M in insurance proceeds for the pier and at this time it is not finalized what the City plans to do with the wharf / west float.  Council has directed that the pier was their first priority and the City has since dissolved their agreement with the Harbour Board.  Due to the uncertainty around the next steps for the wharf / west float the City are looking for a cash payout at this time
2020-12-07 Request to add the Festival Light event to their 2021-2022 Corporate Priorities.  Staff noted that currently the City is sponsoring the event as a Class C event in accordance with the City’s Special Event Policy. It would only be shown as a “line” item if it were a City event
2020-11-23   Note: No questions submitted for this meeting
2020-11-09 I have noticed ever increasing outbreaks of the Chafer beetle in our White Rock neighbourhood parks.
It appears that City of Vancouver is taking a proactive approach to combating this scourge.
Will White Rock consider taking aggressive measures to control this outbreak before we lose all our park lawns???
The Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations stated they are aware of the issue and they have plans to address the "Chafer Beetle" however not using pesticides. In accordance with best management practices, beginning next spring the grass areas will be aerated, top dressed and then they will be over seeded with a seed mixed with clover as the Chafer Beetles do not like clover (mechanical practices rather than using pesticides). 
2020-10-19   Note: No questions submitted for this meeting
2020-09-28   Note: No Questions submitted for this meeting
2020-09-14 Letter from the King's Banquet Soup Kitchen with questions surrounding the future of the take home food program offered during the summer and the need for the Soup Kitchen to reopen during the winter months. (Letter dated August 6 can be viewed here) Update to be provided when available.
2020-09-14 Questions surrounding bird populations, and issues surrounding garbage and garbage receptacles along Marine Drive and the promenade. (Letter dated September 1, 2020 can be viewed here) 1. Garbage (illegal dumping) – The first picture at Ash shows commercial garbage that is illegally placed on the street by a business that buys tomatoes in bulk. As you may know, Council asked for a review of solid waste collection in the City. The current system whereby commercial businesses and multi family properties hire contractors for their garbage disposal motivates many to illegally place garbage in Parks garbage cans throughout the City. We will report to Council on this as part of the solid waste collection study.
2. Waterfront is now an “Outdoor Restaurant” – As a result of COVID‐19, people are encouraged to use takeout and eat outdoors along the Waterfront. Our garbage collection frequency and tonnage has tripled this year to keep up. We instructed our contractor to add shifts and to extend these shifts later into the evening – we need further instruction to ensure the late night garbage is collected and not allowed to sit all night.
3. Feeding Wildlife – We have signs encouraging people not to feed the birds, but many people choose to do so anyway. Maybe we have too many signs or maybe we need to step up enforcement, but you are correct in noting that this is a problem.
4. Garbage Cans – Fish and Chip Cardboard – We ordered new cans that can better accommodate the large cardboard fish and chip containers but even so, these are messy and a waste of resources. We need to have a discussion with the businesses about more appropriate wraps for fish and chips. Maybe paper (or newspaper) as they do in Britain and elsewhere. 5. Rats – We recently met with Orkin pest control and are exploring more effective ways to control the rats.

2020-09-14 The decision to paint the line and directional arrows on the pier and promenade was brilliant. Thank you! Please consider keeping them permanently even after the pandemic is over. The flow of pedestrian traffic and respectful sharing of the promenade space is greatly improved.
Also love the new physical distancing signs and their location. They are much more visible on the light posts than on the promenade fence. Now that we have these fun new signs can the old ones be removed? The promenade is looking like a bulletin board with all the signs which most people have been ignoring anyway.
It seems that many dog owners are not seeing the “no dogs allowed “signs on the fence. Perhaps there should be signs posted at each pay station.
I counted 119 Covid-19 Physical Distancing reminder signs along the promenade and pier.

The markings are intended to be temporary and are made with water based paint that will fade over time. There is no Council direction to make these lines permanent.

Yes, we will look at moving extra signage.

New dog related signs going up during the week of October 5th
2020-07-27 Questions surrounding the Bay Street Access ramp and beach access. (Letter dated July 20 available here) Bay Street Beach Access
Council approved funding of 160K for a fully accessible ramp as part of the Financial Plan earlier this year. We attempted to leverage this funding by applying for grants in the Spring. Unfortunately, the grants were not approved; however, there is still adequate funding to complete the project.
We contacted Semiahmoo First Nation to initiate consultation and we hired a marine engineering firm to do the detailed design and start the environmental approvals.
Construction is scheduled for the Fisheries Window and low tides between late Fall and the end of February 2021. As an interim measure, we constructed a gentler sloping ramp to the east of the existing ramp until we can construct the new ramp to accessibility standards.
Accessible Beach Access at Cypress
The beach access at the Cypress Railway Crossing constructed last year meets accessibility standards. We are not completely satisfied with the interface between the last three panels and the beach and will improve this later in the year during low tides and less busy times.
We are periodically in touch with the Self Advocates of Semiahmoo (SAS) to listen to their feedback and keep them apprised of new accessibility initiatives.

2020-07-13 Reported concerns regarding dogs on the promenade/waterfront/picnic areas and bylaw enforcement. The City is producing signs for the wooden patio tables to advise the public that dogs should not be placed on the table surfaces. 
2020-07-13 What is being done along Marine Drive regarding Social Distancing. In  particular along East Beach.  Bylaw Enforcement Officers do patrol the promenade and along Marine Drive and remind the public regarding practicing safe physical distancing, and the City has installed signage in the area to promote physical distancing. Businesses are encouraged to mark waiting areas and line-ups with safety cones, stickers or other temporary markings on the sidewalk to support physical distancing, and to have staff remind patrons to practice physical distancing between groups.
Marine Drive and the City’s waterfront are popular destinations that attract many visitors, which may make it challenging to remain two metres from other people at all times. While outdoor transmission is less likely than indoor transmission, wearing a mask is a good option in situations where you cannot keep a safe distance from others, as noted by the Provincial Health Officer.
If there are particular concerns about a business’ practices or their COVID-19 Safety Plan, Bylaw Enforcement Officers can be contacted at or 604-541-2146, and can follow up if necessary with WorkSafeBC or Fraser Health Authority depending on the nature of the issue.
2020-06-29 Possibility of speed bump(s) on Nichol Rd just off Marine (btwn Marine and North Bluff) where people have been speeding significantly? Any proposed traffic safety initiative, such as speed bumps, should be carefully investigated taking into consideration the wishes of the community, Council Policy and any potential unintended consequences. If the traffic safety request appears consistent with Council Policy, a technical investigation should be undertaken reviewing the roadway geometrics, traffic volumes, traffic speeds, modal split (between buses, trucks, cars, cyclists, and pedestrians), emergency routes, road condition and any special situations (ex. frequent icy or wet road surfaces). The technical investigation is then considered within the context of Council Policy and public consultation from the community as a whole, not just the local area.
Typically, a series of these investigations and their interrelation are carried out as part of a Transportation Master Plan. White Rock currently has such a plan underway - your request will be added to the initiatives under consideration. The White Rock Plan, called the Integrated Transportation and Infrastructure Master Plan (ITIMP) is currently delayed due to COVID related restrictions on public meetings. The first of five public meetings has been held, the other four will take place and the new ITIMP concluded over the next year, COVID permitting.
Provided that the speed bump request is consistent with Council Policy, potential unintended consequences of speed bumps on Nichol Road need to be investigated and discussed with City Council and the White Rock community including; effects on emergency response, noise effects on neighbours adjacent to speed bumps through "banging" or acceleration/deceleration, motorist frustration, decreased goods movement efficiency and possible technical concerns. None of these is necessarily a "showstopper", but need to be considered by all stakeholders.

2020-06-29 Are you having q&a online? At this time, the City is looking at ways of introducing Question and Answer period in an online format. Until then, Questions can continued to be submitted in this format, with the answers posted to the City’s website. All persons who submit a question will also be contacted and given an update with respect to the response
2020-06-29 What is being done to get Coldicutt Ravine open again? Timeline? Staff are working with the Provincial Disaster Financial Assistance program and affected Marine Drive property owners to address issues resulting from the recent slides in Coldicutt Ravine. It is hoped that these stability issues can be resolved before year end; however, this does not mean that reopening of the Coldicutt walkway will occur. In addition to stability issues, there are concerns that will likely preclude reopening of the trail. These include:
• Hazards from falling trees and tree limbs
• Damaged walkways
• First Nations known archaeological sites that make repairs problematic
• Transport Canada orders regarding restricting access to the BNSF railway tracks
• BNSF railway wishes to block access to their property and railway tracks
• Public safety issues with respect to fires on the beach

2020-06-15 Requested Council consider implementing an “Empty Commercial Space” fee. In Council’s 2018-2022 Strategic Priorities, the issue of a “Vacant Property Tax” is identified as requiring advocacy with the Provincial Ministry of Finance in order to advance.
Further, at the Regular Council meeting on June 24, 2019, Council passed resolution #2019-265. To view minutes from the June 24, 2019 meeting please click here

2020-06-15 Requested the City permit the “Artist Walk” be reinstated with physical distancing measures in the City of White Rock Memo provided on table at the June 15, 2020 meeting. To view agenda package with on table documents please click here
2020-06-15 Requested the City provide statistics by the City / RCMP regarding the number of tickets issued for speed and noise violations since the City’s request for increased enforcement. Staff advised that end of June/ beginning of July the RCMP will release the second quarterly report and this topic will be included.
2020-06-15 Expressed concerns regarding the increase of cars and trucks along North Bluff Road and requesting the RCMP increase surveillance along the hospital corridor. RCMP have a number of areas with concerns for speeding. We are currently developing a website that will allow the public to identify their concerns and also provide information of police enforcement activity. Once are volunteers are back from a hold due to COVID, we have a new speed measuring device that will be set up for long periods of time in certain areas to provide an objective picture of the times and severity of speeding, which will be used to intelligently deploy our enforcement and our speed watch volunteers.
Approximately how many blocks and/or streets/avenues in White Rock have permit parking only? What would the approximate percentage of the area of the City would that be? 
What is the total revenue brought in from issuing permits for res
Answer to be provided when available.
When will white rock library open 'books and DVDs ' to return. 
When will Leisure (exercise classes) start? 

An update regarding city facilities and programming is addressed in the May 25, 2020 corporate report (item 6.2.2). 
The White Rock Public Library is not City operated; however, staff have checked their website and it notes: 
“All FVRL locations and book drops have been closed until further notice. Due dates and holds will automatically extend to beyond the closure and late fines waived.” 

I would like to know why the farmers market started last weekend. Our premier announced that things will open slowly “not a flick of the switch” & Dr Bonnie Henry have ask that NO gatherings happen for some time yet... not to extend our bubble beyond one additional family group. 
Just because the market is outside doesn’t allow for such a large number of people to be congregating in this area at one matter how far apart you think people supposedly are......there is way to many surfaces etc being touched. 

Memo and map provided in on-table document at May 25, 2020 meeting.  To view agenda package with on table documents please click here.
2020-05-25 Will those of us who purchased the 2020 parking decal be granted an extension or compensation for use in 2021, considering parking has been prohibited in most areas or is free to anyone for a limited time? The current parking regulations in place at the waterfront allow those with either a 2019 or 2020 yellow decal the ability to park up to 4 hours in designated areas along the west side of Marine Drive.  Discussions regarding parking are ongoing and Council continues to assess the City’s parking matters throughout the pandemic. The City will assess a plan for how to address 2021 parking decals later this year when Council commences discussions regarding parking rates. 
When will we ever have the RCMP commit to enforcing the speeders and loud mufflers along marine drive? 
This last weekend was a record for us to witness  near deaths because of out of town young males terrifyingly racing along marine drive AND screaming up Maple street with no regard to life!!! 
Do we have to wait for a death? 
What are we paying taxes for when there is no law enforcement along this crucial area?  

Discussions held at the May 19, 2020 Council meeting.
2020-05-25 Would council please reopen the Promenade not including the pier and make it one direction so that physical distancing can be maintained yet exercise accomplished by local residents? Perhaps entering on the stairs and proceeding in one or another direction.

Traffic at Crescent beach would be eased and walking traffic along the sidewalk also potentially eased and redistributed
This plan would cause difficulty for those who are not capable of walking the whole length or large sections of the Promenade.  For example, someone may wish to start their walk at the Pier and go to the beach by the White Rock – they may not be capable of going all the way to Cypress and then climbing the sidewalk on the hump to return to their starting point.  Similar issues for those who may just wish to get on the Promenade to sit at a bench or picnic table – they may not wish to continue in the same direction and do a loop to get back.  Also, who would regulate or enforce this plan.

Note: For additional information see Corporate report titled "Phased Re-Opening of Civic Facilities" discussed at the May 25, 2020 meeting.
I have lived in White Rock for many years. For whatever reason, the past month has been the very worst period for cars and motorbikes with excessive noise. These vehicles come up from the beach and as soon as they turn the corner at 5 Corners, they let the noise rip all the way to the stop light at Thrift Avenue. Not only is this disturbing the entire neighbourhood but it is dangerous. 
My question is what will the City be doing to enforce regulations for noisy vehicles? 

Discussions held at the May 19, 2020 Council meeting.

In regards to the motor vehicles driving on the streets with excessive noise, Bylaw Enforcement would be unable to enforce the excessive noise as we are not permitted to pull vehicles over. If a vehicle is parked then the Bylaw Enforcement Officer may be able to issue a fine, for example if the engine of the car is being revved in a drive way. Typically speaking these matters would have to be addressed through the RCMP.
2020-05-04 / 2020-05-25 Submissions proposing one-way pedestrian traffic on the promenade.
This plan was considered; however, it was found that the solution could cause difficulty for those who are not capable of walking the whole length, or large sections, of the Promenade. It was clarified that Crescent Beach falls within the City of Surrey.  
This topic is addressed in the May 25, 2020 corporate report (item 6.2.2). 

2020-05-04 Are we allowed to go to beach for paddle boarding? Yes, the Cypress and Bay railway crossing are open as are the ramps to the beach.
Why are the lights continuing to cycle through a rainbow of colours every night since the pier and lighting has been repaired? 
Suggest programming the coloured lighting for special occasions only.


Please add our support to this request to Mayor and Council.   
The coloured lights are a fun and clear way to mark special occasions, while the white lights fit the character and natural beauty of our seaside town for most of the year. 
The City of White Rock is proud of our pier and our pier lighting.  The different colours and programming of the pier lights has been the subject of positive comments.   
We do variations of the colours particularly on special occasions. 

Why is sprawling Memorial Park closed, along with the comfort station, while postage stamp size Bayview Park remains open with free for all street parking on the south side of Marine that does nothing for the restaurants doing take out along the west beach strip?  
Locals should have an opportunity to access/enjoy the beach 

Responses to this questions are addressed in the April 27, 2020 Corporate Report.  (See Item 4.6)
2020-05-04 Will White Rock consider requiring a permit to park RV’s on public property? Any thoughts on banning living in Rv’s on public streets?
Surrey already has bylaws preventing these two things.
The Street and Traffic Bylaw currently  requires that there be a permit: 
29. No person shall park any bus, motor home, station wagon or other vehicle with a 
detachable structure designed or used primarily for accommodation during travel or 
recreation on any street for a period exceeding 72 hours without displaying a permit therefore. 
30. The owner of any bus, motor home, station wagon or other vehicle with a detachable 
structure designed or used primarily for accommodation during travel or recreation may obtain a permit from the City Engineer to allow parking upon any street for a 
period exceeding 72 hours: 

In light of the tremendous financial strain that businesses of White Rock are currently suffering, I am requesting that the City of White Rock take steps to defer property taxes for commercial properties with non-essential operating businesses. A possible option for deferral would be 50% paid on Sept.1 and the remaining 50% paid on or before Dec 31, 2020. 

• Noted at the April 20 meeting, the Province recently gave direction regarding some of the tax penalty dates. Staff will bring forward a report on April 27 that would look at potential tax penalty dates.
2020-04-20 On March 16, 2016, Council approved a $200,000 road repair project for Pacific Avenue between Ewson and Habgood. Will this ever take place? The road is not improving on it’s own.
• The Columbia Storm Diversion project includes upgrades to the storm sewer main on Pacific Avenue. The funds for Pacific Avenue roadworks are for new pavement that would be required after the City installs the new storm sewer main. 
• There may have been paving funding previously, but this has been deferred so the paving can be done in conjunction with the Columbia Avenue Diversion storm works over the next five to ten years. 

2020-04-06 Expressed concerns and comments regarding the City’s closure of waterfront parking lots due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. N/A
2020-03-23 Sees an issue with construction workers coming from the Altus project and parking off Goggs Avenue / Maple Street. Staff noted construction parking has been an issue in the community and are continuing to work on this.  It was clarified that in regard to parking on City Streets some are restricted and others are not.
Someone doing construction / working on a home renovation – there is no bylaw against street parking for this.   
 Construction parking plans are put in place for major development.  It has been found in some circumstances that the parking at times has not be sufficient due to fluctuations in need of there being more workers on site during a busy time, staff are working with the developers to address this and are checking in to ensure they are adhering to the construction parking plan(s).  
It was request by Council when the report comes forward that it would include information around the number of tickets issued to construction workers on the 1300-block of Foster Street. 
2020-03-23 Noted that in November he attended Council noting the lack of festive lights on Johnston Road.  He was representing some of the businesses in the area.  At this time he thanked Council and staff for the additional lights now in the area.   N/A
2020-02-24 Congratulated the City of White Rock Team for the Coldest Night of the Year Walk.  Both the Democracy Direct and White Rock Teams achieved success with participation and donations.   N/A
2020-02-24 Inquired of Council were looking at presenting a position.  in regard to the increasing insurance rate(s) for multifamily units?  It was noted that a single municipality cannot make a change on their own, but they can work together.  There is a motion that the Governance and Legislation Committee will be considering following this meeting that asked BC local governments to call on the province to create a risk-sharing model that returns strata premiums and owner deductible to 2019 levels with adjustment for inflation only.  
2020-02-24 Commented in regard to secondary suites in White Rock.  Understood that unauthorized suites only pay one (1) of the two (2) applicable fees for a legalized suite.  Believe there are a number of suites not paying anything.  Stated that many other municipalities charge at least the same and sometimes higher to help gain compliance (with a disclaimer). 
It was noted that staff will be bringing forward a corporate report on this matter.   
Staff noted it appeared there was a misunderstanding on this, all suites staff are aware of (authorized and unauthorized) already pay both fees.   
2020-02-10 On behalf of Democracy Direct Society challenged the City Team for the Coldest Night of the Year event, competing in regard to fundraising. N/A
2020-01-27 Inquired why the questions and answers he asked previously have not been placed on the City's website as of this date. Following the minutes from the previous meeting being published, the Question and Answer section of the website is updated. Questions asked at the January 13, 2020 meeting would be placed on the website the week of January 27, 2020.
2020-01-27 Stated that in regard to the large fire at five (5) corner in 2015, they have an understanding that there was not enough water to fight the fire. With Council's inquiry in regard to the use of possible of Community Amenity Contributions (CAC's), has this issue been resolved prior to spending funds elsewhere? Although there were a number of factors at the time of the fire, steps have been taken to upgrade the system. It was noted that CAC's cannot be utilized for operation of the Water System.
2020-01-13 Inquired as to how many closed Council meetings were held in 2019 and encouraged Council to carefully consider the reasoning for going into a closed meeting prior to doing so.  Stating further that there are items that may fall under the various sections of the legislation but not always is it the circumstance that it must be discussed in a closed meeting. There were sixteen (16) closed meetings held in 2019, six (6) of which were Intergovernmental Council to Council meetings with Semiahmoo First Nation. 

All closed topics are scheduled in accordance with section 90(1) and (2) of the Community Charter.
2020-01-13 Notified that he had signed up for the City’s phone notification system and it appears that he is now being notified by several different phone numbers. Staff will look into the matter and if required, connect with the website service provider.
2019-12-16 Informed that following the December 2, 2019 Council meeting he let the Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations know that a light standard was not functioning and is pleased to congratulate Mr. Gordon and his staff as it was repaired within the week. N/A
2019-12-16 Commented on the topic of the Community Charter section 131 that came forward in July to reconsider a motion in regard to the Plaza at Lions Lookout Park,  He stated that he found the way this matter has been handled to be disrespectful and that it has been a waste of time.   N/A
2019-12-02 Requested the City adopt a policy that posts the voting records of Council to the City’s website following the Council meetings. Staff advised that there are programs that can provide this service at a cost. Council referred the topic of Council Meeting Voting Records to the next Governance and Legislation Committee meeting for discussion. 
2019-12-02 Expressed concerns regarding residential parking requirements and advised that they received a parking ticket for having their car parked for longer than 72 hours in front of their home. Reported that they do not have parking on their property, and so the only option is street parking. The issue with the 72 hour restriction is that if they are away someone would need to move the vehicle in order to avoid fines. Their concerns are the lack of options of where they can place their car when they are away on vacation, etc. 
Staff and Council noted that the 72 hour parking time limit is noted in the City’s Street and Traffic bylaw. The City does not have an inventory of how many residences have similar parking issues (no available parking on site). The City could post a sign that restricts a parking space.

2019-11-04 Requested completion of the rainbow crosswalk at Five Corners, at the pride flag raising, to work together with pride society to complete the project.  Would like an update on the project.  Upcoming Pride events were noted.
Staff noted that currently there is no budget for additional rainbow crosswalk(s) but this may be addressed by Council during the upcoming financial process. 
Approximate costs given for further two (2) legs of a rainbow crosswalk are $20,000 to $25,000 for each of the two (2) new portions (new asphalt holds the project better and that is included in the noted cost).  The paint should last eight (8) to ten (10) years. For the more expensive paint option (more vivid color) the cost for each leg is approximately $40,000 to $45,000. 
2019-10-21 Expressed concerns for Fraser Health’s decision to cut the cardiac rehabilitation programs at the Centre for Active Living. Requested Council’s support in requesting the programs not be cut. The CAO advised that there could be several programs impacted by Fraser Health cuts, and that staff would report back with information at a future meeting.

Council passed the following motion:
THAT Council directs that the City write to Fraser health, copy MLA and MP expressing opposition to cancellation of the program.
2019-10-21 Spoke to the corporate report regarding “Wheelchair Van Side-Ramp Accessible Parking Improvements”. Spoke to the benefits of curb cuts, and requested Council consider allocating funds to allow this in White Rock.  N/A
2019-10-21 Expressed concerns regarding the disposal of dog waste, and requested the City amend their signage to suggest owners flush the dog waste down their own toilets. Staff clarified that the preferred method of dog waste disposal is ensuring the feces are flushed in the toilet, and the bags are placed in the receptacle. Flushed bags can block the pipes.
2019-10-07 Stated that when trial was announced to permit dogs on the promenade people started walking them right away (prior to the project beginning).  The city recorded 299 cases of warnings to dog owners.  The Peace Arch News reported for people will watch out or the dog trial will not happen.  This gave the impression that the trial project could cancelled if the number of infractions were exceeded. 
Council stated this is a trial project, and sometimes people are slow to change habits, they will be given there opportunity.  It is important to hear from all sides of any concerns and that way Council and staff will have the chance to address them.    
Staff will continue to do their jobs; waste removal is to be conducted from the promenade much the same as it is from City parks for those that don’t pick up after their pets. 
2019-10-07 There are 45 residents who receive the Block Watch Newsletter. Previously copies of the newsletter were provided for distribution purposes. Noted copies will no longer be supplied and that distribution was to be conducted via e-mail.  Concern was noted that not everyone has e-mail and it was asked if help could be given in regards to this so copies can be continued to be made and the newsletter can be delivered as it had previously.   Staff noted they would look into this and the options available. 
2019-10-07 Participates in the City’s Artist Walk at the waterfront, wanted clarification if the program would be continuing. Concern noted that with dogs being permitted on the promenade that this is not working well with the Artist Walk program. 
Council stated the Artist Walk is a Council endorsed program and there has been no change in considering the program.  All licences under the provisions they were issued are still in place.   
If there are concerns with dogs during the trial period all are encouraged to submit them to the City.  The City appreciates the feedback, so it can be addressed. 
2019-09-30 Stated that racoons broke into his home, and made a mess.  He  called the city and the RCMP and no one would help.  These raccoons are aggressive and have been an ongoing issue.  When these animals are aggressive I want the city to trap them and take them away.  What is the city going to do about this problem? Council noted concern for the matter but stated wild animals are not the responsibility of the City, there are other places to contact such as the province where they are equipped and have the expertise to help.  Information on who to contact is available on the city website.
2019-09-30 Concern noted regarding safety on Finlay Street during the construction of the Altus development, where there is a significant drop off the sidewalk area.  There is a thin mesh fence but that is all to stop someone from driving / falling.  Noted that there are cement barriers but the rest of the street up to the power station has nothing.  How can the developer get away with this? Council stated that staff would review the site October 1st and look for a way to resolve this.  
2019-09-30 Question regarding the dogs on the promenade trial to start on October 1: Do you agree that having parameters set to determine success or failure of this trial is important - parameters with numbers?
The City formed a task force and it is their responsibility to bring recommendations on what the pilot project would look like and how to judge success or otherwise. A number of recommendations have been brought forward and decided by Council. 
Council noted that metrics will be done and the task force will recommend what is important, the work is continuing to ensure by the end of the trial period there is a set of metrics and rec to Council going forward. 
2019-09-30 Commented that at the September 9th regular meeting a presentation was provided by Westmar Advisors, summarizing the options for the southwest floating facility as well as a reconstruction update for the White Rock Pier.
Concern was noted the minutes did not include comments made by Councillor Chesney following a statement the presenters made that prior to 2011 boats were not moored on the floating facility year round.
Staff advised that meeting minutes are not verbatim they are action based, significant points are noted but not all
2019-09-09 Expressed concerns regarding the balance of members / opinions on the Dogs on the Promenade Task Force, and questioned why members have resigned from the group. Council advised that those positions will be filled with new members.
2019-09-09 Stated there is a need for basketball courts in the community, adding that having this amenity provides opportunity for people to teach and play the sport.  Staff advised that there aren't any basketball courts in the community at this time; however, there is a corporate report coming to Council in the near future regarding the subject of pickleball / tennis courts, and will consider including details regarding basketball as well. 
2019-09-09 Spoke to the trial period for Dogs on the Promenade, and requested clarification that there would be no financial impact to taxpayers for the trial period.  Staff advised that there are operational costs for items such as signage and materials. It was clarified that Task Forces do not have budgets, and that funding comes from Departmental budgets. 
2019-09-09 Expressed concerns regarding the corporate report regarding Totem Plaza, and suggested that there is further information / media to be considered with respect to the matter. Noted a ceremony was held in 2009, and questioned why it cannot be officially named as noted at this event.  N/A
2019-09-09 Requested that Council consider adopting a motion requesting UBCM to oppose the ride sharing policies proposed by the Public Transportation Board.   N/A
2019-07-22 Expressed concerns regarding TransLink’s plans to replace the full-size bus services (outside of rush hour) to shuttle sized vehicles. Requested Council send a letter to those involved with the responsibilities / decisions regarding this change and to request that they hold a public input session in the peninsula. Council advised that the City is working on hosting a public forum regarding transit, adding that the City of Surrey and Translink representatives will be included. It was also reported that the type of bus may be changing to a double decker (Fall 2020).
2019-07-22 Spoke to the condition of the Maple Street neighbourhood between North Bluff Road and Russell Avenue. Also advised that the shipping containers are unsightly, and stated that they are on City property.  Staff advised that Bylaw Enforcement Officers will be dispatched to ensure that the fencing for this issue is located on the property lines. It was noted that the owners have been requested to secure the homes to ensure they are not unsightly. Staff will follow-up with the owners again.
2019-07-22 Spoke to the history of the development and naming of Totem Plaza and expressed concerns regarding Council’s recent decision to rename it. N/A
2019-07-22 Asked the following questions:
o When the City last used section 131 of the Community Charter?
o What is the current state of the City Hall Annex? Noted that expenditures are high and would like to see City staff prolong the ability for staff to work there as long as possible.

Staff advised that a corporate report regarding the status of the City Hall renovations would be brought forward in September, noting that the intent is to do renovations to the downstairs so that some of the staff located in the Annex can return to City Hall.
It was also noted that the City is looking for space for the RCMP / community police volunteers.
2019-07-08 Commented on proposed fencing expected to be placed around the water treatment plant site lands (Oxford Street to Everall Street). Stated that the fence is not for security as there are no structures on the site. The residents use the site and have done so for decades. Stated there was no consultation on this matter. Inquired how can we balance security and the resident’s wishes to utilize the area in a respectful manner? Staff noted the issue, as they understand it, is how can the fencing be adjusted so more area can be permitted for use by the citizens. A further report will be brought forward to a future meeting.

2019-07-08 stated he walks the promenade almost daily and since March has not had a day that he has not seen at least one dog on the promenade and dogs on the beach off leash.
Suggests a volunteer citizen group be established to monitor the promenade in relation to dogs not being permitted there.
Stated concern with the Council’s selection of members to the Dogs on the Promenade Task Force (5 out of the 7 are supporters of permitting dogs on the promenade).
the City has Bylaw Enforcement Officers / staff to monitor the bylaws. The City does not enforce dogs on the beach; it is not in the City’s jurisdiction.
The Task Force appointments are made by Council as a whole and will remain as it stands.  
2019-07-08 Inquired on the actual figures, not percentages, in regard to Council remuneration increases. Would like to have the gross and net figures for the Mayor and Council remuneration for December 2018, January 2019, and the figures with the proposed 15% plus 2.9% increase; and what they would be originally proposed 26%

How do the salaries compare on a per capita bases with the comparable cities noted in the remuneration and expense policy as follows: City of Pitt Meadows, City of Port Moody, City of Langley.

What is the remuneration on a per area size for each of the areas noted as comparable cities within the Remuneration and Expense policy as follows: City of Pitt Meadows, City of Port Moody, City of Langley?
The following gross amount of indemnification and noted further information will be brought forward on the website as part of the Question and Answer Period process:
- Mayor annual indemnification currently: $86,080 with the proposed increase of 18.3% the indemnification will increase to $101,860
- Council annual indemnification currently: $34,430 with the proposed increase of 18.3% the indemnification will increase to $40,740
- In addition the Deputy Mayor monthly indemnification currently $1,430 per month and with the proposed increase of 18.3% the indemnification will increase to $1,700

2019-06-24 Concerns regarding homes along the west side of Maple Street. Noted the houses are unsightly with tall grass and garbage. It was noted these homes were once occupied and are now empty as the tenants have been evicted. Asked the City to address issues / develop a policy that addresses renovictions.  Staff advised that the Residential Tenancy Act holds the authority to address the protection rights and provisions of tenants. It was noted that permits must be in place prior to demolition, adding that tenants can appeal if they feel they have been wrongfully evicted. 
2019-06-24 Spoke to TransLink’s plans to cancel full-size bus services (with the exception of Monday to Friday rush hour traffic). Asked Council to express concerns regarding the cuts to TransLink, and to ask that they host an open forum to receive input from the public.  Mayor Walker advised he will meet with the CEO and Senior Operations Officers of TransLink to address the concerns and impact to the Community.  
2019-06-24 In regards to Whistle Cessation and asked if it is necessary to wait for the Coldicutt ravine barriers to be in place prior to asking Transport Canada for relief. Can White Rock ask for whistle cessation now, and can these matters be looked at on a case by case basis such as Coldicutt? The City advised that they have met with Transport Canada who advised that the Coldicutt Ravine fence needs to be completed, and that the City will continue to work with them on achieving whistle cessation. The City will send an additional letter to Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) requesting if whistle cessation can be addressed more urgently. 
2019-06-10 Expressed concerns regarding the use of straws, and would like to see the City look into banning single use plastic products. Staff advised that while there is no policy currently in place with regard to single-use plastics, the Federal Government has just announced that they are looking towards a ban by 2021. How this ban will be implemented is currently being worked on by the upper levels of government. 
2019-06-10 Expressed concerns with regard to patrons loitering when they leave the lat night restaurant establishment. Asked that the City erect a “No Loitering” sign. Council noted that the City is aware of the situation and are working with the establishment to address the neighbourhood concerns. Staff advised that there have been a number of complaints received and that the City’s Bylaw Officers are working with the RCMP on this matter.
2019-06-10 Concerns with the City’s practice in regard to the maintenance of hillside parks. Stated that the City is in contravention of their Unsightly Premises and Graffiti Abatement Bylaw. 
Suggested that if the City move towards naturalization of hillside parks, that a plan with policies and procedures be developed to ensure the program is a success. Would like to see an increase to the City’s maintenance levels on all City parks.
Asked that the City remediate the area that the playground was once standing and has since been removed.
Council noted that road ends are something the City will be reviewing to address the frustrations expressed by the community with respect to this matter.
2019-05-27 When are the washrooms at Memorial Park going to be opened for use?  Inquired if local businesses could be kept apprised of the progress / schedule of this work being completed. Staff stated they now anticipate they will be open by the end of the week (May 31st). With respect to notifying local businesses, staff stated they reach out through the Business Improvement Association in this regard.  
2019-05-27 When will the railway safety crossings will be completed?  

Suggested as an option for railing/fencing at the top of the washrooms at Memorial Park that they be done in wire cable instead of the current design, stating this will allow for protection and the view and that other municipalities has utilized this method.
Staff stated they anticipated the railway safety crossings will be completed by mid/end of June, 2019.
2019-05-27 Stated frustration with the railing/fencing that has been installed at the top of the washrooms at Memorial Park. Noted that the design blocks the ocean view. Further stated that they've waited through the construction process and is now disappointed and frustrated with the fencing that has been erected – there are other materials that could be used.   Staff stated that they have been looking for resolution for this and have the consulting team considering other options that would provide a more permeable opportunity but noted they still needed to work within the building code guidelines. Staff anticipate having some options during the month of June.  
2019-05-27 Inquired if the rail safety crossings will be completed  soon and when can whistle cessation begin, understanding that completion of the rail crossings are required prior to this being considered. 

Staff stated that they anticipate the rail crossings to be completed mid/end of June 2019. It is the Ministry of Transportation who make the decision in regard to whistle cessation. Once the rail crossings are complete, the City will be in the position to submit their application into the Ministry. This will be done directly following completion of the crossing project.   
2019-05-27 With respect to the City’s water billing system, inquired if the next billing cycle could have an extra line to note how much the cost is in per cubic metre so a comparison can be done with other municipalities. Staff will see if the current invoicing system will allow for this to be shown. 
2019-05-13 Inquired on the process in regard to previous questions being asked at this time.   Staff noted that questions from the meeting are recorded along with answers given at the meeting and if there is not an answer at the meeting one will be requested and placed on the City website at the following link: Question and Answer Period webpage.
2019-05-13 Inquired in regard to the parks, particularly small parks, around White Rock, stating that in some cases they don't appear to serve a purpose. Staff noted that the largest parks are the Waterfront and Centennial Park and there are a number of neighbourhood parks.
The City will be reviewing the use of City lands and parks including road ends.
2019-04-29 Will the City be able to address concerns regarding accessibility of the benches/steps at Memorial Park, noting that they are high and can be difficult to sit and navigate. It was suggested that a step be installed in between each current step so people can access any of the seating with more ease. Staff advised they will investigate the concerns. 
2019-04-29 When will backs be installed at the public benches along Johnston Road? The seating design for those benches did not include backs. 
2019-04-08 Reported that there is a new hydro-pole in the middle of the sidewalk at the corner of Finlay and Russell. The placement poses an access issue, and questioned how long it will take the City to correct / adjust the location. Also asked if there is an approval process when applications for the hydro poles come to the City.
Staff advised that they would investigate to see if the City has the ability to review (and monitor) the installation of Hydro poles, and will contact Hydro with respect to this particular scenario.

On April 29 it was suggested that all poles that are improperly installed/impacting sidewalk accessibility should be investigated.
Staff advised that BC Hydro places the poles. The Utility Act allows the installation of the poles without consultation with the City.
The hydro pole at the corner of Finlay and Russell, previously located in the sidewalk, was recently replaced. Unfortunately, the replacement pole is also in the sidewalk and the new support wire encroaches further into the sidewalk than the previous support wire.
The City has contacted Hydro, and the City awaits response regarding a solution to the issue.
2019-04-08 It was reported that a building application was submitted to the City, and at the time staff advised it wasn’t complete. When it was submitted, it was reported that there was a significant delay. Questioned why there was a hold-up on completing the process. Also expressed concerns regarding the fees associated with the process. Staff advised that incomplete applications are taken out of the queue pending receipt of the missing information. At that time, the application is placed in the regular queue, and is not returned to the “head of the line”. It was noted that the application process and the scheduling of services is not the same.
2019-03-11 Inquired how much the City of White Rock paid in legal fees in regard to the file pertaining to Section 463? This answer was not available at the meeting and would be noted through the City’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy process and placed on the FOI page once it is complete. 
2019-02-25 Inquired if there was information in regard to riparian rights and how he can learn more about it.    Staff will follow-up in regard to the inquiry. 
2019-02-11 Suggested that the needs parkland and greenspace, the road ends in the City have never been designated as park. Would urge Council to establish the road ends as park and open the opportunity for the community to landscape them, along with the City’s efforts. Inquired when the Council would make a decision be protect all of the road ends and not make them available for sale to any persons as they are City assets and should remain under the City. There has been a corporate report to Council requested already in regard to road ends, it is anticipated to come back March 11, 2019.

2019-02-11 In regard to the December 20, 2018 storm: Did the City have enough insurance on the harbor board managed west float to repair it and compensate the owners who lost their boats? The City does have the Pier Insurance at the appraised value of $7M. The City’s insurers are reviewing the documentation regarding the damage and repair work necessary and is also working with the White Rock Harbour Board insurance company to help resolve the issues. In regard to the west float and boats that were lost – the City is waiting final confirmation.   
2019-01-28 Commented that January 23, 2019 it was the highest tide of the month and it was half a meter higher than it was on December 20, 2018 (without any storm surges), does the City know what the geodetic height of the breakwater is now and how does it compare to what it was twenty (20) years ago?  Following the meeting staff confirmed that the City does not have this information.
2019-01-28 Noted concern with the new permit parking decal regulations / costs. She does not think it is fair she has to pay for a decal to park.   The City has recently announced the establishment of a Parking Task Force. The Parking Task Force’s work plan will include a review of the parking decal program.  
2019-01-28 As a result of the December 2018 storm the City will be re-doing the “riprap” on East Beach, would like staff to review the use a soft berm approach instead; and further requested Council to assess the Marina Concept with the question what is the expense to re-build vs. the revenue. The City in its' best effort to have the repairs completed as soon as possible will be again using the riprap approach; however, future considerations or works may include consideration of a soft berm approach.
2019-01-28 Commented their home was built in 1947 and has no driveway, with the new parking decal regulations it is unfair that there is now a $12 annual decal fee. The City has recently announced the establishment of a Parking Task Force. The Parking Task Force’s work plan will include a review of the parking decal program.
2019-01-28 It would be helpful for the public if the City were to live stream the meetings.  The City offers live streaming of all Council and Standing Committee meetings held in the Council Chamber at City Hall on its website.