Animal Control


Pursuant to Part 3, Division 6 of the Community Charter, all animals within the City of White Rock are regulated under the conditions and requirements of the Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw, 2012, No. 1959 (PDF).

Inquiries & Complaints

For a prompt response to inquiries related to animal regulations, dog licensing and fees, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department at 604-541-2139 or email licencing.

If you have a complaint or any issues relating to animals (including dogs or exotic animals), please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 604-541-2146 or by emailing

To report an issue regarding animals or wildlife, other than dogs, please contact the following:

  • BC SPCA provincial call centre (1-855-622-7722) to report an animal in distress (including wildlife)
  • Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley (604.530.2064) for orphaned, injured and nuisance wildlife
  • Wildlife Rescue in Burnaby (604-526-7275) or Elizabeth’s Wildlife Centre in Abbotsford (604-852-9173) may be able to assist with geese, seagulls and other birds


To report or follow-up on a dog bite, a barking dog investigation, or any other ongoing issue, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Department through either 604-541-2146 or email Bylaws.

Have you lost or found a dog? 

Contact White Rock Bylaw at 604-541-2146 right away. You can also send an email to It's also recommended to contact the Surrey SPCA at 604-597-5655.

If your dog be picked up by our Animal Control Officer, every effort will be made to contact the owner prior to impounding. Once the dog is impounded the owner could be assessed the following charges:

  • Dog at large fine - $100
  • Dog tag - $25 or $40 unneutered / unspayed (neutered or spayed proof required)
  • Dog unlicenced fine - $50
  • Impound fees - $80 (no licence) or $60 (with a licence)
  • Kennel impound - Separate fees (Contracted out)

Prohibited Animals

Prohibited animals include:

  • Non-human Primates (such as gorillas, monkey, lemurs, etc.) 
  • Ursids (bears) 
  • Pinnipedia (such as seals, fur seals and walruses)
  • Crocodilians (such as alligators and crocodiles) 
  • Venomous or poisonous reptiles  
  • Mustelines (such as skunks, weasels, otters and badgers) 
  • Procyonidae (such as raccoons and coatis) 

A full list can be found in "Schedule D" of the Animal Control bylaw (PDF).

Additional Information

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