Animal Control

Dogs walking on leash on a pathway

All animals within the City of White Rock are regulated under the conditions and requirements of the Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw.

Dog Licences

Purchase or renew a dog licence. All dogs over the age of four months residing in White Rock must have a valid dog licence.

Dogs in White Rock

Learn about dogs in parks, on the waterfront and when dogs are permitted on the promenade.

Have you lost or found a dog?

Contact the White Rock Bylaw Department at 604-541-2146 or It is s also recommended to contact the Surrey SPCA at 604-597-5655.

Animal Control Officers make every reasonable effort to return licensed dogs to their rightful owners prior to impounding. Once the dog is impounded, the owner could be assessed the following charges:

  • Dog running at large fine: 
    • First offense: $150
    • Second offense: $250
    • Third & subsequent: $500
  • Unlicenced dog fine: $300
  • Kennel impound: Separate fees (Contracted out)


To report an issue regarding animals or wildlife, contact the following:

  • BC SPCA Provincial Call Centre to report an animal (including wildlife) in distress: 1-855-622-7722
  • Critter Care Wildlife Society for orphaned, injured and nuisance wildlife: 604-530-2064 
  • Wildlife Rescue to assist with geese, seagulls and other birds: 604-526-7275
  • B.C. Ministry of Wildlife: 604-582-5200 

Report a Dead Animal on the Road

To report a deceased animal on City property, send an email to or call 604-541-2181 or submit a request for service online.

If a deceased animal is on private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of the animal at their cost. 

Inquiries & Complaints

If you have a complaint, investigation or any issues relating to animals (including dogs or exotic animals), contact Bylaw Enforcement at 604-541-2146 or email