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The City engages with the public in different ways for different purposes. While they sound similar, Public Hearings, Public Meetings, Public Information Meetings and Open Houses have distinct purposes and formats.

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If you wish to form a delegation and speak to White Rock City Council, here is information on what you need to know and do.

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Question and Answer period is an opportunity for the public to ask Council questions or provide comments and receive answers or responses at Regular Council meetings. Read previous questions and answers here.

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White Rock City Council

Local government in the City of White Rock is provided by a Mayor and Council. Currently, a Mayor and six Councillors make up City Council and members of Council are elected for a four-year term.

Under the Community Charter and Local Government Act, municipalities and regional districts have broad authority to provide services that their respective municipal councils or regional district boards consider necessary or desirable. Services may be varied both in size and type, for example, water and wastewater management, garbage disposal, recreational facilities or economic development. (Local Government Powers & Services)

The main functions of a municipal council are to look after the current and future economic, social and environmental well being of its community. Council’s primary duties are to create administrative policy, adopt bylaws on matters delegated to local government through the Local Government Act and other Provincial statutes to protect the public, and to collect taxes for those purposes. Council also acquires, manages, and disposes of the City’s assets. Council’s vision sets a course of action, and charts goals that are accomplished by municipal staff under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer.