100 Council - Index Page
101 Corporate Vision
103 Council Policy Development
105 Council Orientation
106 Council Remuneration and Expenses
107 Correspondence Received by the City
108 Deputy Mayor
109 Proclamations
110 Council and Committee Minutes
111 Order of Proceedings and Business for Council Meeting
112 Freedom of the City
114 Council Goals-Priorities-Strategic Planning Process
117 Annual Reports for Select Committees
119 Communication Between Mayor and Council and City Staff
120 Code of Conduct for Committee Members
122 Invitations to Mayor and Council
123 Committee Member Feedback Opportunity
124 Verbal Submissions - Attendance at Conventions, Conferences
125 Outstanding Canadians on the Peninsula Legacy Program
126 CAO Annual Performance Review
128 Sub-Committees Composed of Council Members Only
129 City News
130 Operational Communications Objective
131 Website
132 Communications of Council Decisions Facebook Live
133 Internal Handling of Media Requests
134 Media Releases
135 Recognition and Strategic Message
136 Managing Social Media Presence
137 Terms of Reference Economic Development Advisory Committee
138 Terms of Reference Environmental Advisory Committee
143 Terms of Reference - Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee
147 Terms of Reference Public Art Advisory Committee
149 Terms of Reference - Tourism Advisory Committee
151 Use of Elected Official Office Official Title
154 Terms of Reference - Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
157 Terms of Reference - Water Community Advisory Panel
159 Terms of Reference - History and Heritage Advisory Committee
164 Terms of Reference - Housing Advisory Committee
166 Terms of Reference - COVID-19 Recovery Task Force
167 City of White Rock Flag Policy
168 Policy for Lighting the White Rock Pier, Memorial Park
169 Photography of Council at City Events
170 Mourning the Passing of a Member of the Royal Family
172 Terms of Reference - At-Risk and Priority Population Task Force
174 Terms of Reference - Public Art and Culture Committee