Council Strategic Priorities

City of White Rock waterfront with the white rock.

Message from White Rock City Council

When City Council approved the Strategic Priorities for White Rock in early 2019, we heard from the community clear priorities that included reopening Canada’s Longest Pier and the Waterfront Promenade, both severely damaged in December 2018 by a harsh and sudden winter storm.

Today we face a different storm. The declaration of a COVID-19 global pandemic in March 2020 has left our world profoundly changed. Responsively, the City moved to online services, advocated to aid residents and businesses in need, and provided alternatives to in-person Council meetings, public meetings, special events, recreation and public engagement.

Throughout this time, the City of White Rock continued to provide essential services, including fire and police, solid waste collection and recycling, clean drinking water, roads and parks maintenance, taxation and parking services. The City formed the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force in June 2020 to respond to the social and economic needs of White Rock during the pandemic

Council’s 2021-2022 Strategic Priorities maintain, where possible, the public input principles we heard in 2019 along with input from the community during the pandemic. We have refined our priorities and will focus on our Community, Environment, Waterfront, Infrastructure, Economy and response to COVID-19. Together, we will get through this storm, and build an even stronger future for our City by the Sea.

Top 5 Strategic Priorities 

To help narrow the focus for Council’s 2021-2022 Strategic Priorities, City Council on March 8, 2021, selected a list of top-five items to achieve leading up to 2022. They are: 

  • The Official Community Plan (OCP) Review  
  • Solid Waste Pickup for Multi Family 
  • Housing Needs / Affordable Housing 
  • Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) 'shovel-in-the-ground' projects 
  • The City’s Relationship with the Semiahmoo First Nation

Strategic Priorities Update

Download the latest progress of Council's Strategic Priorities.

Council Strategic Priorities 2021-2022


Our Community

We will make the best possible community decisions in collaboration with residents and stakeholders, providing an excellent quality of life.


  1. Guide land use decisions of Council to reflect the vision of the community.
  2. Manage the delivery of City services efficiently and effectively.
  3. Confirm the City is following best practices in governance.
  4. Select and complete the CAC projects to maximize the benefit to the community.
  5. Advocate on behalf of the community to senior levels of government and other stakeholder groups.
  6. Continue to nurture a respectful, trusting partnership with the Semiahmoo First Nation for the benefit of both communities.


Our Environment

We will continue to improve our environmental stewardship to preserve and protect the natural environment for future generations.


  1. Integrate storm damage environmental capital assets into strategic planning and budgeting process.
  2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Protect and increase the tree canopy and enhance greenspace in the community.


Our Waterfront

We will enhance, promote and share our regional, premier, seaside experience.


  1. Attract visitors and residents to the Waterfront.
  2. Support a vibrant, year-round environment where businesses can thrive.
  3. Minimize the impact of railroad activity on the community.


Our Infrastructure

We will build and maintain physical and organizational structures and facilities to enhance our community’s quality of life.


  1. Select and complete the CACs projects to maximize the benefit to the community.
  2. Provide safe, reliable and sustainable infrastructure for the community while minimizing impacts on the environment.
  3. Ensure infrastructure required by new growth is funded by development.
  4. Provide a safe, accessible, centralized City facility and amenities.


Our Economy

We will support the prosperity and diversification of the City’s economic base.


  1. Update the City’s Economic Development Strategy.
  2. Partner with the White Rock BIA, South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce, Tourism White Rock Association and the local business community to attract business to the community. 
  3. Improve provision of efficient and cost-effective services 
  4. Manage parking resources to meet the needs of residents, visitors and businesses.


COVID-19 Response

We will provide the best possible community outcomes and resilience to maximize recovery from COVID-19.


  1. Partner with service agencies and other community partners to provide social support for those most impacted by COVID-19.
  2. Advocate on behalf of small business and work with community groups to support the local business community during the pandemic. 
  3. Operate all facilities and provide services consistent with Provincial health orders.


Thanks to public feedback, Council’s Strategic Priorities Plan, for this term, has been created with aligned priorities from White Rock City Council, residents and businesses. The background of these facilitated sessions can be found below.

  1. 2020
  2. 2019
  3. Photo Gallery
  4. As Seen In

The City of White Rock held workshops on Sept. 3 and 4 to begin the process of updating Council’s 2018-2022 Strategic Priorities to ensure they meet the future needs of the community.

To view the recorded discussion, click here