Advisory Design Panel

Advisory Design Panel Meetings

Meetings of the ADP are currently held digitally using Microsoft Teams. 

Meetings are called and scheduled by the Department as required and are dependent on there being development proposals or other matters subject to review. As such, meetings may be cancelled if there are no items to be received by the Panel. Meetings shall generally not be held more often than two times in one month.


All meetings begin at 3:30pm and are limited to three hours. Notice concerning the time and location of Panel meetings is provided in the Peace Arch News, and on the City’s Events Calendar.  

Meeting dates in 2023 are to be scheduled:

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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The Advisory Design Panel is an advisory body appointed by City Council that independently evaluates, analyzes, and assesses the designs of various development application proposals as part of the development permit process. The Panel also provides comment on City plans and projects from time to time.


The purpose of the Panel is to provide independent, professional design advice, from an urban design and architecture perspective, on matters related to the evaluation of the design and construction of buildings and other significant developments within the Municipality to the Planning and Development Services Department.

In review of development permit applications, the Panel considers the following matters:

  • Ensure compliance with the other relevant City of White Rock bylaws
  • Ensure that all new development is of a high standard
  • Ensure that buildings are designed with all due regard for public safety and accessibility
  • Ensure that new buildings and structures harmonize with neighbouring development
  • The intended function of the project, and the existing and future context within which the project is located
  • Promote high quality building design, which contributes to the improvement of the public realm
  • The applicable Development Permit Guidelines documented in the White Rock Official Community Plan

The Advisory Design Panel is regulated by the White Rock Planning Procedures Bylaw and the Advisory Design Panel Terms of Reference. 

Advisory Design Panel Resources

If you require information on specific Development Permit area guidelines, please review Part D of the White Rock Official Community Plan. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the department.

Please Note: The most recent term of the Advisory Design Panel (for community members) concluded on December 31, 2022. The City is currently recruiting members for the upcoming term. For more information, please visit the Join a Committee or Board page, which contains recruitment details and requirements, as well as a link to the online application form.


VACANT, Community Member (Term: 2024)VACANT, Architect (Term: 2024)
VACANT, Community Member (Term: 2024)  James Vasto, Architect (Term: 2023)
VACANT, Community Member (Term: 2024)  
Ruchir Dhall, Landscape Architect (Term: 2023)
VACANT, Community Member (Term: 2024)  
Sharon Greyson, Representative of White Rock BIA (Term: 2023)
VACANT, City of White Rock Resident or Owner of City Property (Term: 2024)