Environmental Advisory Committee


The White Rock Environmental Advisory Committee will advise City Council and staff on Environmental issues in the City. The Environmental Advisory Committee will also review the City's Integrated Storm-Water Management Plan, Environmental Strategic Plan, the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program, Energy Step Code, Review of the Official Community Plan (changes to tree canopy and the tree bylaw) and the City's water quality monitoring. The Committee may make representation to Council on Environmental matters.

The Environmental Advisory Committee term runs from July 2021 to October 31, 2022.

Advisory Body Resources


Council Representatives (non-voting):

  • Councillor Kristjanson, Chairperson
  • Councillor Johanson, Vice-Chairperson

Committee Members (voting):

  • Phil Byer, Community Member
  • Jeff Holm, Community Member
  • Ross Hynes, Community Member
  • John Lawrence, Community Member
  • Ivan Lessner, Community Member
  • David Riley, Community Member

Community-Based Organization Representatives (non-voting):

  • Grassroots Environmental Club at Earl Marriott Senior Secondary