Imagine White Rock 2045 - Official Community Plan

A new White Rock Official Community Plan, 2017, No. 2220 (PDF) (the "OCP") for the City of White Rock was completed and adopted in October 2017. 

In 2018, Council directed that aspects of this new OCP be reviewed to receive further public input, including policies related to:

  • Strengthening Transit
  • Greening the City (on new green space and tree planting)
  • Improving Housing Affordability
  • Expanding Peace Arch Hospital
  • Monitoring OCP Goals to Measure Success and Track Implementation
  • Enhancing the Waterfront
  • Reviewing Town Centre (Height, Density, and Public Space / Green Spaces)
  • Reviewing Building Heights outside of the Town Centre

Further information about this OCP Review and how to get involved in the process can be found on the "2019 OCP Review" page under City Projects.

About the Plan

Bringing together nearly two years of background research, analysis, planning and design, and broad community engagement with residents and stakeholder groups, the updated OCP provides a renewed vision for White Rock, along with the policy framework required to guide growth toward that vision.

What's in It

The OCP contains policies on housing, parks and open space, arts and culture, growth management, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and the environment. A land use map indicates the future land uses and development potential of properties within the city. Policies and mapping, together with tools and actions for implementation, will help to shape the future growth of White Rock.

More Information

If you have any questions about the Imagine White Rock 2045 - Official Community Plan Update process, or the current OCP Review, please do not hesitate to contact us through either method below, or by visiting us at the planning counter at City Hall:

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Community Engagement

A wide variety of community engagement activities were held throughout the review process to ensure that as many people as possible had the opportunity to provide input to help shape the new Official Community Plan. Feedback was gathered through open houses, workshops, focus group sessions, ‘pop-up’ engagement events, and paper and electronic surveys.The following is a summary of the Community Engagement undertaken throughout the Official Community Plan review.

  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2
  3. Phase 3

Phase 1: Process Launch and Background Data Collection (April to July 2015)

  • Online Outreach: Major OCP related events and announcements were regularly posted on the City’s official Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  • Pop-Up Engagement: The City established an “Imagine White Rock 2045” booth on the Farmers’ Market opening day on May 24, 2015. This booth provided an informal venue for the community to ask questions and interact with staff and to receive and submit copies of the Visioning Survey. City staff also interacted with citizens at the White Rock Fire and Police Safety Fair on May 30, 2015.
  • Visioning Fair (May 24, 2015): The Visioning Fair was the first major public event in the OCP Review process. Held at the Community Centre, the Fair included more than 20 display boards and consultation activities designed to generate discussion and feedback regarding the future of White Rock. It’s estimated that more than 200 people attended the event.
  • Visioning Survey (May 13 to June 17, 2015): The purpose of the Visioning Survey was to begin developing an understanding of how citizens and stakeholders would like to see White Rock evolve and grow over the next 30 years. Results of the survey was presented to Council at the end of Phase 1. The Survey (paper and electronic) closed on June 17.


The Imagine White Rock 2045 Official Community Plan update was undertaken over two years, starting in April 2015 and receiving bylaw adoption in October 2017. The review process included the following four phases:

  • Phase 1 - Process Launch and Background Data Collection: This phase was dedicated to creating awareness in the community around the Official Community Plan (OCP) Review process and associated Community Engagement Program. Phase 1 included the gathering and synthesis of relevant background material and studies to assist with key analyses and decision-making throughout the process. Primary deliverables: Visioning Fair and Visioning Survey summary reports prepared by CitySpaces consultants; progress reports to Council prepared by City staff.
  • Phase 2 Defining the Big Picture: This phase was built on the results of the Visioning Survey and Visioning Fair and focused on the development of Guiding Principles and Vision and Goal Statements for the new OCP. These foundational components of the Plan influenced the structure of the OCP and resulted in several new and updated OCP policies. Primary deliverables: OCP Guiding Principles and Vision and Goal Statements; Vision and Goals survey summary report; progress report to Council prepared by City staff.
  • Phase 3 - Building The Plan: The third phase was the "nuts and bolts" phase of building the Plan, including an updated land use plan that will guide the next phases of the City's development. In this phase, the OCP structure, key content areas, and associated draft policies were shaped. Primary deliverables: Mid-process report prepared by consultant; progress report to Council prepared by City staff.
  • Phase 4 - Preparation of the Plan and Adoption: This phase included the drafting of the Official Community Plan text and maps, public and stakeholder consultation to solicit feedback on the draft document, and subsequent revisions. Once the draft document was refined, the final statutory approval process was initiated. Primary deliverables: Preliminary and final drafts of the Official Community Plan and associated schedules; Draft OCP Engagement Summary Report; progress report to Council prepared by City staff.