West Beach Parkade

West Beach Parkade


The City is committed to supporting business in White Rock by creating opportunities through capital investment projects that make it easier for businesses to attract customers, to draw in new and regular visitors alike, and to accommodate long-time residents to enjoy our City by the Sea.

White Rock is first, and foremost, a resort community – and its Waterfront is the City's crown jewel. During peak times of use, there is limited parking available along the City’s waterfront. As this is a top concern raised by local businesses, tourists, and residents, the City has built a four-level parking structure at Victoria Avenue and Vidal Street to provide a variety of vehicular and bicycle parking options near the heart of White Rock’s West Beach community.

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The City of White Rock is building a four-level parkade at Victoria Avenue and Vidal Street to provide more parking options near the Waterfront for residents and visitors.

Parkade features:

  • Four-Level Parkade
  • Reduction in Traffic Congestion
  • Decreased Emissions from Idling Cars
  • Additional Waterfront Parking Options
  • Over 180 Parking Spaces
  • 7 Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces