Rental Housing on Church Properties

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Land in the ‘P-2 Church / Assembly Use Zone’ (“P-2 zone”) in White Rock is typically used by places of worship and child care facilities. The City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) has a policy (11.2.1.e) that states the City will: “support new and affordable rental housing, especially in transit-accessible locations, by … supporting the addition of ancillary rental housing on institutional sites, such as places of worship, where additional development can be accommodated.”

The OCP also allows for residential and accessory commercial uses as part of mixed use developments for properties in the ‘Institutional and Utility’ land use designation. Allowing accessory ‘rental housing’ in the P-2 zone means allowing rental apartment housing on properties where the main use is for religious, assembly or community service purposes.

Rental housing may be secured (required to be owned and managed by a single operator for the life of the building) or non-secured (may be stratified and sold to individuals in the future). Rental housing can also be ‘market rental’ (no limits on the rent) or ‘below market’ (rents limited to a specific level). Some forms of development include a combination of market and non-market rental units in order for the construction and maintenance of the building to be financially viable.